Rossi 1 Year Later

The people running the Rossi e-Cat scam including those behind the curtain, are masters of their trade.

One of Rossi’s favorite sayings is that “the market will decide.”

Here is Rossi’s latest “says” from today, one of many:

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Sverre Haslund:
    Yes, good program the one of SWT. Honest, sincere, objective. True: the market is the sole examiner that really counts.
    Warm Regards,

Now what is so diabolical about this statement is that it allows Rossi to continue his scam and fraud indefinitely, all Rossi has to do is keep an actual physical product from hitting the streets. One that any person can buy as Rossi originally claimed.

But at they same time this statement puts the seed in the mind of the reader or hearer that there is an actual real product in the market now or in the near future (It’s just in a perpetual R$D program.).  Hey, maybe Rossi has invented perpetual motion after all.

No reporter ever asks Rossi who this “market” actually is?

Back in 2011 Rossi said over and over that the October 28, 2011 demonstration was going to be the start and beginning of the “market” that would “decide” if his claims were true or not.

Not only that, but any person or company could buy one of his phony reactors and thereby put their voice into that “market” data.

Rossi claimed to have the factory to build 100s of these phony reactors a month.  And Rossi also claimed that many had been sold, with some of those to be put on public display.

The world now had a new – free energy source – that was going to change the world, he claimed.

And now after one year what do we see?  The original, the first and only, now all dressed up phony 1 MW reactor, with half of the units on the roof of the shipping container, open to vandalism and the elements.

How can anyone in their right mind believe this fraud and scam is not just that.

People are saying that very soon Gary Wright is going to be sued, well we say bring it on!

The first thing after verification of jurisdiction, standing, and charges, will come depositions and discovery.

We will be able to question (depose) under oath every person that had or now has anything to do with Andrea Rossi and any of his business entities, and is connected to his e-Cat Farce, scam and fraud.  This includes:

  • All of Rossi’s family
  • Every Rossi employee now and in the past
  • Every scientist, reporter, engineer and person that has looked at, written about, or talked about Rossi and the e-Cat fraud
  • Every blog owner that has been promoting Rossi using undisclosed sources
  • Every business that has had any connection with Andrea Rossi
  • etc., etc.

Then after the depositions we continue on with discovery which will allow us to obtain:

  • A copy of every contract connected with the e-Cat fraud
  • A copy of every email and letter stored on any computer system in the world connected with the e-Cat fraud
  • A copy of every business receipt, tax return, and corporation document
  • A copy of every check and all bank records connected to Rossi and his businesses
  • Etc. Etc.

Then after all of the above is gathered the trial will start where all of the above information will become public knowledge.

Mr. Rossi will also have to provide a working e-Cat that can run as claimed and the testing of that unit will have court appointed scientists and engineers verifying the claims.

So yes we make the follow claims:

  • The e-Cat of any type that is a product in R&D or for sale by Andrea Rossi or any of his companies or licensees is a fraud and a scam.  They do not operate as claimed and as published.
  • Every licensee trying to sell an e-Cat is involved in fraud and a scam.
  • Any scientist, engineer, or reporter that claims that the e-Cat operates as claimed and is a true working cold fusion/LENR device has just been conned and fooled by Andrea Rossi and his crew, partners, and associates.  They are fools, lacking basic objectivity, by not requiring the most basic of scientific protocols by requiring Andrea Rossi to allow true independent 3rd party testing and validation of the claims given of the e-Cat.
  • We claim that the e-Cat is a fraud, scam, and farce, and anyone promoting and supporting it is also part of the fraud and scam.

Now if any person would like to challenge our claims above we would be happy to meet you in court.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 18, 2012


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