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We only became involved in this Noble Gas investigation because one of Mr. Andrea Rossi’s partners, Mr.  Sterling Allan (PESN) and a major figure in the cold fusion/LENR field Mr. Mike McKubre both support Mr. Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat fraud and scam and they also both support projects involving Noble Gas engines that will they claim, provide free energy.   Free energy in the sense that one of these engines will run for months once started, on nothing but a few dollars worth of Noble Gasses, putting out hundreds of horsepower.

In our investigation it became clear that after 40 years of trying, and by fraud taking millions of dollars from investors, the people working on the Noble Gas engines are no closer now to having a working engine, then they were 40 years ago.

Please see our articles so far on this topic here on our website at these pages.

Are Inteligentry Engines and e-Cats Brochureware?

 Inteligentry Patent – USPTO Rejection – Revised – Updated – and Expanded

Sterling Allan & Inteligentry

We always believe in giving someone the benefit of the doubt, so we decided to wait till the CES show to see if Mr. John Rohner would provide a working engine.  We now have a report from someone at the CES show, and things are not looking good, as a matter of fact they are getting worse as the days go by.

Part 1 of this two part series will just cover the CES 2013 display of Mr. John Rohner and other various legal aspects of his project, Part 2 will go into complete depth by applying the state and federal laws that are relevant, analyze how the laws compare with the words and actions of  Mr. Sterling Allan (PESN) & Mr. John Rohner (Inteligentry), and finally show people how they can help put a stop to these types of frauds and scams, by applying what is given to these and other cases of claims of free energy.

Section 1 – Report about the CES booth of Mr. John Rohner (Inteligentry).

We received the following email yesterday:

“Subject: Inteligentry at CES
Date: 1/10/2013 02:01 AM
To: Gary <gary@XXXXXXX>

Dear Mr. Gary Wright,
I have been a fan of your website for awhile now.
The article about the Mr. Roger Green emails was very good.
After having looked on the web for any pictures of Mr. John Rohner and Inteligentry at the CES convention and not finding any, I thought you might like to use these pictures that I took at the Inteligentry booth at CES.

I also scanned the documents they were passing out at the booth and other information they gave me as well. You are free to use these photographs any way you choose with my full permission.

Now the CES is known for everybody taking pictures all day long and everyone knows it is a public place, but due to the nature of your website, you might consider blacking out the faces of all the people not associated with Mr. John Rohner.  That is just my opinion of course.

Here is my take on what they were saying at the show at their booth.
a) Mr. Dan Glover told me that they are looking for investors to get the technology up and running, and to buy licenses.
b) A guy next to me asked Mr. Dan Glover if he could buy one, and Mr. Dan Glover told him that in the 4th quarter 2013 they should have motors for sale to the public.
c) The man hovering over the motor on display, a Mr. Nims, was asked by an engineer how the device worked, he was told that the process transmuted Helium into some other element. Mr. Nims said that was where the energy came from to keep the motor running by itself for over 6 months.  I asked Mr. Nims how the process went back into the original state then?  Mr. Nims told us that only a very small amount of the Helium was converted into Beryllium and the rest went back into the original state. (not a plasma)
d) The engineer asked the man at the motor, Mr. Nims, if the motor worked, Mr. Nims said yes it did and you could go to the internet and watch videos of the engine running.  I asked Mr. Nims if the videos showed the machine on display running.  Mr. Nims said no they were another motor.  So I asked Mr. Nims if this new design, like the one at the show, had ever run and Mr. Nims said no, it needed some final tweaking.  So as a final question I asked Mr. Nims if he had ever seen any running engine himself personally, and Mr. Nims said no he had not.
e) The other guy there manning part of the booth, Mr. Dan Glover, is the one who told me they needed more investor money, when I asked  Mr. Dan Glover what they needed the money for – he said R & D.
f) Mr. John Rohner and Ms. Tana Kane were busy with others so I did not talk to them.
g) Everyone seemed busy all the time I was at the booth.
h) I asked permission to take the pictures and I was told it was OK.
i) As Mr. Dan Glover was describing the operation of the motor to me he said it was patented.  So I asked him what patents they had now. Mr. Dan Glover told me that the electronics control system was patented, and Mr. Dan Glover told me that much of the technology was public domain because it was based on the Papp technology, but Mr. Dan Glover said that they did have some aspects of the motor itself patented.

I loved listening to the people manning the booth describe how the motor worked, nobody seemed to understand a word they were saying.  It all sounded like some kind of science fiction story, like what you would hear on a Star Trek show.

Hope this helps, I was at their booth only a short while, CES is a very big show, and I had a lot to look at.

On the way back to my car there was this guy flying a six rotor flying machine.  It had a 3 axis gyro stabilized camera mounted on it.  I took a few pictures of that flying, you can post them too if you want.  He built it himself, and it was very stable in flight. A joy to behold.  At first I thought it was a police unit, but it wasn’t.

You can post this email if you want, but only if you hide my name and email address.
I am sending the photographs in Zip files, no password, in future emails.

Here is a copy of the email and copies of some of the pictures we received, plus some of our own added for further clarification:

 01 email-CES

Here are some photos of the walk into CES 2013

02 On the way into CES

03 On the way into CES04 On the way into CES05 On the way into CES

Sony’s theme this year was make-believe, maybe this should have been Inteligentry’s theme instead.

06 Sony07 Sony Small

The Inteligentry booth from the left side.

08 Inteligentry Booth at CES

The Inteligentry booth from the front – showing left side, and showing Mr. Nims who was tasked to hang out at the motor display and answer questions.  Mr. Nims is a licensee, see his company info below.

09 Inteligentry Booth at CES

Close ups of the motor-generator display. NOT running or in operation of course. But all of the components are there, even the starter motor.

10 Inteligentry Booth at CES11 Inteligentry Booth at CES12 Inteligentry Booth at CES The Inteligentry booth from the left side at the motor, and showing the rest of the crew.

13 Inteligentry Booth at CES

Close up of parts display.

14 Inteligentry Booth at CES15 Inteligentry Booth at CES Info sign in booth.  Notice they are claiming 13 countries and 63 manufacturers.  What do you think will happen when all of these people try to come for training and get a running engine, but Mr. John Rohner just keeps giving excuses after excuses?  How long do you think they will wait before taking action to get their money back?

16 Inteligentry Booth at CES Info sign in booth of the licensee, Plasmic Generation Inc.  Notice that there is no mention that these are future claims, for all intents and purposes they claim this technology is available now.

17 Inteligentry Booth at CES Lots of flashing lights. If they would only spend the time and money to get an engine running, oh wait, they are only selling licenses, from their website – “We Have basically one End product: We LICENSE OUR TECHNOLOGY.”

18 Inteligentry Booth at CES View of the booth from across the aisle.

19 Inteligentry Booth at CES

A licensee “Plasma Ag Power” that had literature here at the booth on display. Now Plasma Ag Power has a disclaimer on both their websites and brochures saying: “Information… is for systems under development.” But see our analysis later in this document. This is a copy of some pages on their website.

20 Plasma Ag Power121 Plasma Ag Power222 Plasma Ag Power3 On their website they have a link to a two page brochure – here is a copy.

23 Plasma Ag Power Nov-2012_Page_124 Plasma Ag Power Nov-2012_Page_2At the booth at CES 2013 “Plasma Ag Power” was passing out this brochure – here is a copy.

Mr. Nims from this company, “Plasma Ag Power,” was the one mentioned in the original email at the start of this article.  In that email Mr. Nims said he had never seen a running engine.  So let’s look at some of the claims on his website and in his brochures.

01)  “A single charge of fuel provides plenty of power for an entire season.”  How does he know this is true?  Does he believe everything the known liar and criminal Mr. John R. Rohner tells him without proof?

02)  “Powered by Inteligentry designed Plasma Engine”  How can he say this with a straight face when he has never seen a running “Plasma Engine”?

03)  This is his disclaimer. “Information on this site is for systems under development. Final configurations and capabilities are yet to be established and may vary from those specified on this site.”  But even these statements give the misleading thoughts that the engine is real and works as claimed, and his statements are based on the past or current understanding of the operation of the engine so far.  To make this even clearer – when he says “final configurations and capabilities” that means the claims he is making in his literature is true for now, but he does not know the final exact figures at this time.  What he is saying with his disclaimer does NOT mean that everything in this literature and website will never become a reality at all, ever.  Now what this all means is that by publishing this information in this fashion it gives credibility to the false claims and the fraud and scam of the project by Mr. John R. Rohner.  Nowhere in the information given by Mr. Nims does he say that he has never seen a running engine, and he cannot even verify if what he is saying is true.

25 Plasma Ag Power426 Plasma Ag Power527 Plasma Ag Power628 Plasma Ag Power7

Here is the business card for Mr. Dan Nims.

29 Plasma Ag Power8-DanNims

Since “Plasma Ag Power” is a subsidiary of HYDRO MEADOWS, INC. and there is no corporation listing for “Plasma Ag Power” in the state of Washington we give you the corporation listing for HYDRO MEADOWS, INC.

30 Plasma Ag Power-HYDRO MEADOWS, INC-6

There was another licensee “Plasmic Generation Inc.” who had a display here at the CES 2013 booth. Nowhere is there a disclaimer on their website.  Please see our analysis of this company later in this document.
Here are a few screen shots of their website.

31 Plasmic Generation Inc0132 Plasmic Generation Inc02

And the most interesting of all was this webpage. Just look at those prices.
This company is even selling nonexistent products with prices no less.
How can they sell something like this that has killed people without the proper certifications?
Here are some claims on their website:

• 1 Year / 1,000 Hour Limited Warranty (Whichever comes first)
• Battery Charging Alternator
• Digital Control Panel
• Mainline Circuit Breaker
• Skid Mounted
• Spring Mounted Vibration Isolators
• Weatherproof
• Dimensions (L x W x H): 72″ x 42″ x 48″
• Weight (Pounds): See each gen sets weight above
• Control Panel: BLUE SEA MODEL
• NO FUEL TANK  –  NO FUEL Required
• Stamford Newage Generator End or equal
• Governor: Electronic Governor
• 12 Lead
• Single Phase or Three Phase – Same Price
• Battery Included
• Includes:  EPA Tier 3 Rated Plasma Engine
• Specifications may vary.      Confirm full specs prior to ordering.

33 Plasmic Generation Inc03 Here is the corporation listing for Plasmic Generation Inc.

34 Plasmic Generation Inc05

And here is the business card for Jim McCarthy

35 Plasmic Generation Inc06-BusinessCard

The other major company represented at the Inteligentry booth at CES 2013 was PTP Licensing, Ltd. and they had two nice slick brochures, here are those copies.

So it is clear the purpose of the booth at CES 2013 was to get people to invest in Inteligentry, buy stock, and buy licenses.  Why do you think Tana Kane was there? She is the only one that we know of who can issue licenses, as President of PTP Licensing, Ltd., a division of Inteligentry Ltd.

Both of these brochures were designed for one purpose only – to sucker in stockholders and licensees. Here are some notes of interest.

01)  “Performance output based on v3 reference build testing.”  This could mean anything – including data collected from a huge amount of electrical input into a “popper.”  Nothing in this chart shows there was a running engine.  All just smoke and mirrors.

02)  “How safe is this engine? The PTP Engine is roughly equivalent to an electric motor.”  How can they say this when someone was killed and two others injured by a claimed, Noble Gas engine out of control.  Why are there no comments anywhere of testing and certification by any of the required agencies?  Mr. Nims and others including Mr. John Rohner’s websites are claiming these engines will be on the market as soon as later this year.  This is a flat out misrepresentation in this fraud and scam.  Even if they had a running engine today – which they DO NOT – it could still be a couple of years before they received certification for retail sales.  Are they telling the potential licensees and stockholders that they have never applied for certification and how long it will take to receive the needed documents for sales?

03)  All of their claims are actually bogus because they do not have a running engine that has been tested for even one hour.  Every claim for this engine is pure speculation, but they are making statements as if they were facts.  This is clearly misrepresentation and false advertizing.

04)  Please note they refer to their websites for further information, therefore the websites can be classified as advertizing for their products.  If there are any false statements on their websites then that might also be classified as false advertizing.

05)  “When our partner community is ready and we decide to make public showings of our running engine, the licensing model will change to public auctions where bidders compete for remaining regions. These prices will go up.”  Classical fraud and scam language.  You must hurry and get in on the ground floor before the “big boys” get involved and the prices skyrocket.  Mr. John Rohner promised long ago that when he had his first “public” showing of his engine, it would be a working engine.  Another set of lies and false claims. And the price of the licenses have already gone up, just check their websites.

06)  “We will stand by those who stood with us from the beginning.”  The best way to stand by anyone at this point in time is to show a working engine, and provide true 3rd party independent testing of the claims.

36 PTP Licensing, Ltd 39 PTP Licensing, Ltd37 PTP Licensing, Ltd38 PTP Licensing, LtdAnd here is the second PTP Licensing, Ltd. brochure.

40 PTP Licensing, Ltd41 PTP Licensing, Ltd42 PTP Licensing, Ltd43 PTP Licensing, Ltd Here are copies of the current business cards for:

John P. Rohner
Notice that Mr. John P. Rohner is listed as being associated with only one company Inteligentry Ltd.
And John P. Rohner is listed as the CEO and Primary Researcher on his card.
Nevada still lists John P. Rohner as President/Treasurer and Margaret C Rohner as Secretary. But remember filings are required only once each year.

Tana Kane
Tana Kane is shown as only being associated with PTP Licensing, Ltd., a division of Inteligentry Ltd.
She is listed as President and Partner Development.
Nevada still lists  John P. Rohner as President/Treasurer and Margaret C Rohner as Secretary. But remember filings are required only once each year.

Mark Koppin
Mark Koppin is shown as Mechanical Engineer and Chief Instructor for PTP Licensing, Ltd., a division of Inteligentry Ltd. With his email at PTP Licensing, Ltd.
Now this seems a little strange.  Why would an Instructor, who only shows the licensees how to assemble and operate the motor need to be a mechanical engineer?  Any high school graduate could instruct people in the operation and assembly of a motor. From the PTP Licensing, Ltd. website:
“We are the part of the Inteligentry Group that licenses the technology for use by others!!”
Since the only function of PTP Licensing, Ltd. is licensing and instruction, it seems a little overkill for qualifications.  One of the tell-tell signs of fraud and scams is a bloated organization/s with many overqualified job positions and officers.  With many corporations and organizations, when for a startup one would do nicely.

Dan Glover
Now Dan Glover is the most interesting one of all.
Dan Glover’s job description is listed as Graphics Artist, Instructor and Lawyer, on both his business card and the website. He is the only one that has an association listed on his business card with both PTP Licensing, Ltd. and Inteligentry Ltd.

On the Inteligentry Ltd. website this is what Mr. John P. Rohner is saying about Mr. Glover.

“Another new face is Dan. He is a very interesting mix. He specializes in Web site design, he is redoing the PlasmERG and PTP licensing sites, and graphic art, and is helping Mark with videos etc for the classes. He is also a Graduate, and licensed Attorney, not a member of the Nevada bar but a good source of help on license questions and we will get him past the Nevada bar some day, even though he likes NOT being a lawyer.”

“Dan — Our Graphics Artist, Instructor and Lawyer. The WEB master for PlasmERG and PTP Licensing AND….. a trained lawyer to give us “opinions” about legal STUFF. Yes, WE are serious about protecting our patents, copyrights, Intellectual Properties and licenses/licensees.

He does prefer WEB design and graphics art to law, in reality.

Thank God for his expertise being here.”

 Now this raises some very interesting questions.  We checked with the Nevada Bar Association and sure enough Mr. Dan Glover is not listed as an attorney.  So just to make sure we called to verify our search and we were told he was not listed in Nevada.

Now before we called we wanted to check and verify just what can and cannot be done without being licensed in Nevada as an attorney.  We were directed to two documents:
Special Admissions Rules_1.pdf
You see, in Nevada there is something called “Limited Practice Rules & Specialty Admissions.”
One of these rules is for “Rule 49.10. Limited practice of attorneys employed in government or as in-house counsel.”  What this rule is basically for, is to allow out of state attorneys to act as in house council for a business, without the person having to pass the Nevada Bar and be licensed as a Nevada attorney.
This is who can apply under this rule:

“Rule 49.10. Limited practice of attorneys employed in government or as in-house counsel.

1. Who may apply. Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 49, an attorney who is admitted to practice law in any other jurisdiction, and who is employed exclusively for a single governmental entity or as in-house counsel for a single corporation (including its subsidiaries and affiliates), association, partnership, or other business entity situated in or qualified to do business in Nevada, whose lawful business consists of activities other than the practice of law or the provision of legal services, may be certified to limited practice in this jurisdiction subject to the conditions of this rule and to such further conditions as the court may hereafter direct…”

Now Mr. John P. Rohner states on his website, that Mr. Dan Glover is a licensed attorney, and on his business card Mr. Dan Glover says Lawyer.  We have searched in vain, high and low, to try and find any jurisdiction where Mr. Dan Glover is a licensed attorney.  We are not saying he isn’t licensed somewhere, we are just saying we could not find any evidence that he is licensed and we know for sure he is NOT licensed in Nevada, and cannot practice law here even under Rule 49.10.
Therefore, in our opinion, it is a violation of Nevada law to make these claims on their website or on his business card, all relating to a Nevada company.

That brings us to the second document “FEC-Rule-51-5_Addendum-2.pdf,” which defines what it means to “practice law” in Nevada. Because if Mr. Dan Glover is doing what everyone says he is doing he is practicing law.  Here is the definition of “Practice of law,” in document “FEC-Rule-51-5_Addendum-2.pdf.”

You must remember it is a violation of Nevada law to practice law without a license.

“2. Practice of law. For purposes of this rule, the term “practice of law” shall mean:

(a) private practice as a sole practitioner or for a law firm, legal services office, legal clinic or the like;

(b) practice as an attorney for an individual, a corporation, partnership, trust, or other entity, with the primary duties of furnishing legal counsel, researching legal issues, drafting legal documents, pleadings, and memoranda, interpreting and giving advice regarding the law, or preparing, trying or presenting cases before courts, departments of government or administrative agencies;

There are also many Nevada court decisions that address this issue. Here are some general comments from legal sources.

Formal Opinion No. 43
Issued on October 27,20 II.

“The practice of law in Nevada is governed by NRS 7.285, which criminalizes the

unauthorized practice of law.”

NRS 7.285 – Unlawful practice of law; criminal penalties; initiation of a civil action by State Bar of Nevada.

1. A person shall not practice law in this state if the person:

(a) Is not an active member of the State Bar of Nevada or otherwise authorized to practice law in this state pursuant to the rules of the Supreme Court; or

(b) Is suspended or has been disbarred from membership in the State Bar of Nevada pursuant to the rules of the Supreme Court.

2. A person who violates any provision of subsection 1 is guilty of:

(a) For a first offense within the immediately preceding 7 years, a misdemeanor.

(b) For a second offense within the immediately preceding 7 years, a gross


(c) For a third and subsequent offense within the immediately preceding 7 years, a category E felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.

3. The State Bar of Nevada may bring civil action to secure an injunction and any other appropriate relief against a person who violates this section.

02)  Pioneer Title v. State Bar, 74 Nev.

“Under Pioneer Title, then, the practice of law is implicated whenever a person is faced with a legal

issue that cannot be handled by resort to routine forms or customs, and when the person makes the

decision not to rely on his or her judgment but to obtain assistance from someone else, a stranger

to the situation. In the interest of public protection, Pioneer Title holds, this “someone else” must be

qualified to render such assistance.”

“What is the Unauthorized Practice of Law?

  • • Pioneer Title v. State Bar, 74 Nev. 186, 326 P.2d 408 (1958) – The practice of law is implicated whenever a person is faced with a legal issue that cannot be handled by resort to routine forms or customs (the so called “public necessity” exception to UPL), and when the person makes the decision not to rely on his or her own judgment but to obtain assistance from someone else, a stranger to the situation. In the interest of public protection, Pioneer Title holds that this “someone else” must be qualified to render such assistance.”

03)  Ninth Circuit Appeals Court – Nevada is in the Ninth Circuit

“The Ninth Circuit, applying Oregon law, likewise held that “the “practice of law” means the exercise of professional judgment in applying legal principles to address another person’s individualized needs through analysis, advice or other assistance.”

For example, simply providing forms or offering a service to type client-provided information onto the forms was not the practice of law, but advising the client about how to complete a form, e.g., what information to include and on what portions of the form, was the practice of law.”

04)  In re Lerner, 124 Nev. Adv. Op. 100

“What constitutes the practice of law must be determined on a case-by-case basis, in light of the “touchstone” principle that the practice of law includes activities calling for the exercise of trained judgment in applying the general body of legal knowledge to the specific problem of a client and recommending a course of action.”

Before we would consider filing a formal complaint we needed conformation in writing whether Mr. Dan Glover had any type of license in Nevada or not. We received that confirmation today.  Mr. Dan Glover does not have any type of license to act as a lawyer in the State of Nevada.

In our humble opinion it is illegal for Mr. Dan Glover to use the word lawyer on his Nevada business cards, and to council Mr. John P. Rohner in legal matters.  It is our opinion that they are using this tactic, and putting this information on their website and on the business card, to give the expression of legitimacy for their fraud and scam.

After this article is posted we will file a formal complaint with the State Bar of Nevada Office of Bar Counsel at this website:  We are waiting till after this is posted so we can reference this article in the complaint itself.

We urge every reader of this article to use the information provided here to also file a formal complaint.  The more people who file complaints the faster the State Bar of Nevada Office of Bar Counsel will act on those complaints.

We are providing a copy of the email received and of the webpage (John Rohner changes his web pages daily), so that anyone can use these to file a formal complaint.  If someone wants to file a formal complaint and wants copies of any of the images in this article without the watermark, please have the people at any government agency contact us and we will be happy to provide copies of any original documentation to them.

Email from:
Mary Jorgensen
Member Services Manager
State Bar of Nevada
44 email-SBN

Here is the place on the website where Mr. John P. Rohner says Mr. Dan Glover is a licensed attorney, and councils their company.

Even if Mr. Dan Glover is licensed elsewhere, (we could not find that to be true), in our opinion, it is fraud and misrepresentation of the facts, and they are using this information to try to get people to invest in, buy stock in, and buy licenses from, their companies.

One last comment on this subject.  If by some slim chance, Mr. Dan Glover is a licensed attorney somewhere, and we find out where it is, we will immediately file a formal complaint with that jurisdiction explaining to them what Mr. Dan Glover and Mr. John Rohner are doing here in the State of Nevada.

45 OurTeam Part 146 OurTeam Part 247 OurTeam Part 348 BusinessCards

As of this writing here is the status of the patent application.
Last checked on January 11, 2013.
Why is everyone saying they have a patent when they do not have even one patent on this motor? Please see our article here on the non final patent rejection.

 Inteligentry Patent – USPTO Rejection – Revised – Updated – and Expanded

Update – the 3 months deadline has now expired on January 2, 2013 and no movement is noted at the USPTO. Sometimes it takes awhile for information to get to the website at the USPTO so nothing can be definitively stated at this time as to whether a response will take place to the non-final rejection within the statutory time limits.

We wish that people would realize that a patent application or even a patent for that matter, is not verification that some technology or invention is valid or will work as claimed.  Only actual devices built and operating in the real world is proof of anything.

Before anyone puts any money into a license or stock in any of Mr. John R. Rohner’s companies they must do their due diligence and verify themselves, with actual motors working as claimed, if he has anything of value or not.  And at this time there is NO running, or working as claimed Noble Gas engine, based on any of Mr. John R. Rohner’s supposed technology.
49 Status Inteligentry Patent Pending 1-11-2013

Section 2 – A short list of false claims from Mr. John Rohner (Inteligentry).

01)  Claims to have two PhDs from MIT, see the TeslaTech video. False
02)  Claims on websites, in conversations, in videos, etc. that they have “patent/s.” False
03)  Claims to have a running Noble Gas engine/s that works as claimed. False
04)  Claims that Mr. Dan Glover is a licensed attorney. False
05)  Claims that his engine can work for over 10,000 hours on a charge of gasses. False
06)  Claimed that he would display a working and running engine in public in Florida at PowerGen. False
07)  Claims that Noble gasses can by themselves provide hundreds of horsepower in his engine. False
08)  Claims that his electronic control board can operate his engine. False
09)  Claims that his engine operates by fission and fusion. False
10)  Claims that his engine can operate under water or in space. False
11)  Claims that his engine is safe. False
12)  Etc.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 11, 2013



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