More Legal Fraud in Rossi Farce

This time the fraud is rising to the level of criminal acts in the forging of signatures on legal documents.

As a matter of fact from the current research both Leonardo Corporations are null and void.

The New Hampshire Leonardo Corporation went into default in 2004 and has never been legally renewed, so anything done via that corporation since April 1, 2004, is null and void.

The Florida Leonardo Corporation was created by fraud, therefore since its inception it has never been legal – from day one anything done via or through that corporation is also null and void.

The confusion that will arrive concerning these corporations was carefully crafted with the intention to cheat and defraud, why else would Mr. Rossi and partners have created two corporations with the exact same name in two different states?  This is not looking good.  Anyone with money or any other interest had better get out now and quick, before it is too late.  Do you want to be charged with being a supporting party to a RICO fraud operation?  Are you trying to sell something that does not exist?  Are you trying to buy or sell licenses or sub-licenses connected to either Leonardo Corporation?  If so, you had better think very hard about what you are doing and ask yourself, do you want to become entangled and connected with these people and businesses?

When we wrote the story “For License Holders Only” click to read or see index.
We were addressing these issues:
Part 1 – Prolog.
Part 2 – Rossi’s Multilevel Marketing Program.
Part 3 – Who is the legal owner of Rossi’s e-cat Patent and Patents Pending?
Part 4 – Did Andrea Rossi sign any of your documents? Did he have the authority? Are you sure?
Part 5 – Licensing – Is your e-cat license based on patents or technology?
Part 6 – Rossi has two (2) Leonardo Corporations. Which one is on your document?
Part 7 – Some legal conflicts have already started in Rossi’s e-cat farce, more to come.
Part 8 – Rossi’s many business partners.
Part 9 – Timelines and Tables.
Part 10 – Timeline and list of Andrea Rossi’s lies and false statements.
Part 11 – Miscellaneous stuff.

At that time we did not look into the signatures on any documents.  A reader of this website sent us a very detailed email asking us to look into this issue.  In the email sent to us they documented that more than one person is signing the name Andrea Rossi.  We would like to give them credit but they asked that their name not be given. We looked into this in more depth and here is the next act in the Mr. Andrea Rossi and partners e-cat Farce.

First we had to find an anchor, a document that beyond doubt had the real signature of Mr. Andrea Rossi.  We found this anchor in the document signed by Mr. Andrea Rossi and the infamous customer controller, Domenico Fioravanti, at the October 28, 2011 dog and pony show of a giant box of 107 smaller boxes, that Mr. Andrea Rossi tried to fool the whole world with, by claiming it was a giant cold fusion/LENR device that was going to solve most of the world’s problems and provide cancer treatment for as many sick children as he could pay for with 50% of the profit.


This dog and pony show was well documented by Mats Lewan writing for Ny Teknik.  He most graciously provides us with a copy of the document called  October 28, 2011 e-Cat Test Report Just click on the name to get your own copy.

Here is a copy of Mr. Andrea Rossi’s signature. That little scribble down on the bottom is the signature of Mr. Andrea Rossi.


This document with Mr. Rossi’s signature was also sent into the patent office as proof his invention worked. You can get a copy of that document HERE


But Mr. Rossi sent other documents with his signature to the various patent authorities.  Every document filed with the patent authorities usually had a signature of the patent attorney, but sometimes it was required that the document have the signature of Mr. Rossi.

The next one we will look at is the document filed under threat of perjury – the USPTO application, you can get a copy of that document HERE


We will provide one more example to the patent authorities.  Remember when Mr. Steven Krivit broke the story that Ms Pascucci, Maddalena, sold the rights of all of the e-cat patents to Leonardo Corporation?  Well that required more documents signed by Mr. Rossi, you can get a copy HERE

This was actually a two part document requiring two signatures.  At the location of the first signature it says this:  “This form must bear the personnel signature of the authorizer.”  We find this signature:

The “Declaration of Transfer” had to be signed by Ms Pascucci, Maddalena, and the new owner or in the case of a business entity an authorized representative.  It was signed by Mr. Rossi for the Florida Leonardo Corporation.


But what other signatures are publicly available?  Oh yes, remember Mr. Andrea Rossi owns two separate, not connected in any way, corporations in two different states, and both corporations have the exact same name.  What a coincidence. So let us look at those signatures as well.

In 1997 Mr. Rossi started his first corporation named “Leonardo Corporation” in New Hampshire.  We include a copy of that document HERE.  Notice the similar signature even though it is many years apart from the ones above.  Look very closely at all of the Mr. Rossi signatures up to this point, because this is the last time you will see a Mr. Rossi signature on any legal document relating to either of the two Leonardo Corporations.


When Mr. Rossi created the New Hampshire Leonardo Corporation, he was the sole Incorporator, Stockholder, and Officer, he was also the Resident Agent.
At New Hampshire they don’t have any records online for 1998-2002, they start again with 2003.


Sometime between the incorporation in 1997 and 2003 Alan Reische became the Resident Agent.
In 2003 the Annual Report was signed by the Resident Agent, Alan Reische.  No Annual Report was filed in the year 2004.  In 2005 three things happened; first, a document was filed over one year late for the Annual Report for the year 2004, dated 6/24/2005; second, the Annual Report for the year 2005 was filed, also dated 6/24/2005; and third a document was filed for a change of Registered Agent to James R. Travis, dated, 6/27/2005.  All three of these documents have a signature that say Andrea Rossi, but they were not signed by the same Mr. Andrea Rossi, who signed all of the documents earlier in this story.

You can view the New Hampshire Annual Report for 2004   HERE.
Here is the signature on the Annual Report for the year 2004.
You will notice this signature looks nothing like the original signatures in the first part of this story.
You will also notice the Resident Agent is still Alan Reische.


You can view the New Hampshire Annual Report for 2005  HERE.
Here is the signature on the Annual Report for the year 2005.
You will notice this signature looks nothing like the original signatures in the first part of this story.
You will also notice the Resident Agent is still Alan Reische.


Below is the signature on the change of Registered Agent to James R. Travis.
You will notice this signature looks nothing like the original signatures in the first part of this story.
With this document the mystery is solved, we now know who has been forging Mr. Rossi’s signature on these three documents, it is in 2005 where this criminal fraud starts. Look at the signature of Mr. Rossi on the formal document filed with the State of New Hampshire that put Mr. Travis in as the Resident Agent.  You must understand that Mr. Travis could not sign the name of Mr. Andrea Rossi even if he had a power of attorney, unless that information was included with the signature, and it was not.  You can view the change of Registered Agent   HERE.

But we also have to look at this in another light, maybe the name of Mr. James R. Travis is the one being forged. Or maybe the signature of Mr. James Travis is legit and the name of Mr. Andrea Rossi is being forged by someone else.  For various reasons we are taking the position that only two people are involved in all of these documents, Mr. Rossi and Mr. Travis.  If proof is provided that we are wrong we will correct this story immediately.  Or we will pull it altogether whatever is appropriate.  But proof must be provided first, not just somebody’s statement, that we are wrong.

All of the Annual Reports for the years 2006 through 2012 have the name typed in, there is no signature. All have the name James R. Travis as the Registered Agent.

So what can we conclude from this? Since Mr. Rossi’s signature was forged on all of the three documents including the one that put Mr. Travis in as Registered Agent, the New Hampshire, Leonardo Corporation has been in default since 2004, and by New Hampshire law, does not now exist as a legal corporation.

But it goes further than this, remember our article on the Mr. Green and Mr. Robert K. emails?  If you remember the original India eco zone contract had the New Hampshire, Leonardo Corporation as the party on that contract, and all legal problems had to be resolved in New Hampshire.  The New Hampshire, Leonardo Corporation does not have any rights to any e-cat technology, and now it looks like the New Hampshire, Leonardo Corporation does not even legally exist.  How many people have signed contracts with Mr. Andrea Rossi or one of his partners, and the New Hampshire, Leonardo Corporation is the one listed on the document?  If it is listed there that document is null and void.


But it does not stop there let us look at some more of Mr. Rossi’s signatures. Next we will look at the signatures on the Florida Leonardo Corporation documents.

On November 8, 2010 a document was filed with the Florida Secretary of State creating a Florida corporation also called Leonardo Corporation.  You can read that document  HERE.  When we wrote the article “For License Holders Only” we contacted the Florida Secretary of State both by phone and email, to find out if these two corporations were connected in any way, we were told they were not.  The Leonardo Corporation in New Hampshire has absolutely no connection whatsoever with the Florida Leonardo Corporation.  The people setting up this e-cat Farce planned this out long ago starting in 2005.  When the lawsuits start it is going to take an army of lawyers to unravel.  This operation is clearly a RICO operation, the FBI is involved, right?  If any person has any money put into this Farce they better start now to get their money back, before it is too late.

The documents creating the Florida Corporation were fraudulently signed by James R. Travis, just like the New Hampshire documents.  Here are the signatures on the November 8, 2010 Florida document.

You will notice these signatures also do not look anything like the original signatures in the first part of this story, but they do look like the forged signatures on the New Hampshire documents.

Since Mr. Andrea Rossi is listed as both the Incorporator and the Resident Agent, he was the only person authorized to sign this document.  Read what it says above the bottom signature, the person signing this document committed a third degree felony.  All of Mr. Rossi’s real signatures both before and after the time this was signed, look totally different, but here again these signatures look just like the ones on the fraudulent New Hampshire documents

The Florida Secretary of State, only has three public documents. The original application to create the corporation and the two annual reports.  Both the 2011 and 2012 Annual Reports were filed with typed signatures.



So what does all of this mean?  It means that someone knew long ago that the e-cat Farce was going to collapse and they wanted to make it as difficult as possible for anyone who wanted to take them to court.  Everyone will claim that they did not know what the other people were doing, and it will become a nightmare trying to figure it all out.  Countries all over the world are involved, who has jurisdiction?  Who knows how many felonies have been committed, and by whom?  It is clear that Mr. Andrea Rossi and Mr. James Travis have committed many felonies relating to the filing of legal documents to both the State of New Hampshire, the State of Florida, and in Mr. Rossi’s case various other government agencies.  Since the New Hampshire Leonardo Corporation was never legally renewed in 2005 for 2004, it is now null and void.  Any documents created relating to this Corporation are fraudulent.  Since the Florida Leonardo Corporation was created with forged signatures it has never been a legal entity from day one, and anything done in the name of that corporation is also fraudulent.

Any legal documents such as contracts, filings to government agencies, etc. that are created relating to either of the two Leonardo Corporations are fraudulent, whether created by Mr. Travis, Mr. Rossi, or any of the many Mr. Rossi partners in crime.

And before anyone tries to say that maybe Mr. James Travis or anyone else had the authority by power of attorney to sign the document let us say this: the laws about the form or format for someone to sign with the power of attorney varies from state to state. But one thing is common worldwide, no person can just sign another person’s name unless they make it known in writing on the document that it was done with the power of attorney.  None of the documents above have that notice.  Even if Mr. Andrea Rossi had signed a document giving Mr. James Travis or someone else, the power of attorney, anytime Mr. Travis or that person signed a document he would have had to make it known on the document near the signature that it was signed with the power of attorney, especially if he signed the name of Mr. Andrea Rossi.

The Florida Bar has a document “Florida Power of Attorney Pamphlet,” it is good reading.  You can read it HERE.  On that webpage they say this:

“How should the agent sign when acting as an agent?
The agent will always want to add after his or her signature that the document is being signed “as agent for” the principal. If the agent only signs his or her own name, he or she may be held personally responsible for whatever was signed. As long as the signature clearly indicates that the document is being signed in a representative capacity and not personally, the agent is protected. Though lengthy, it is, therefore, best to sign as follows:
Howard Rourk, as agent for Ellsworth Toohey. In this example, Howard Rourk is the agent, and Ellsworth Toohey is the principal”

On both the 2011 and 2012 Annual Reports to the Florida Secretary of State Mr. James Travis signed them as an Officer of the Corporation, the Resident Agent was and still is Mr. Andrea Rossi.

One last comment, this document was written based on all available information we have access to, not all of which was put into this story, so if anyone can provide any information that proves any statement in this story is false or incorrect, we will immediately correct the story, or take the whole story down completely.  If we do not receive any corrections, we will assume all of our information is correct, and the story will stay up.  We also are aware that others may be involved in filing false documents to New Hampshire and Florida, relating to these corporations, but we have no verification of that.  We only have the documents and names on those documents.  Who is scamming who?  We understand these are serious accusations, but we stand by our research until proven otherwise.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
August 27, 2012



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