How to Create News About Rossi and the E-Cat


After three years of news about Andrea Rossi, things are gradually drawing to a close.


You can hold the world’s interest for only so long when you –


01)  Have no products for sale

02)  Have no theory of operation

03)  Have no prototypes working as claimed

04)  Have no independent 3rd party validation of your technology

05)  Have no company website

06)  Have no internet blogs covering your invention, but one last disciple

07)  Have no USA or International patents on your invention

08)  Have no valid pending patent

09)  Have no government contracts for your technology

10)  Have only lied and given false information to the public and government

11)  Have no open information for your company, product, or business, i.e. everything is secret

12)  Have no major ties to any major corporations

13)  Have no licensees who are making any money from your invention, except by selling sub-licenses


There is no information anymore that is even worthy of following.  Only one blog is left.  All of the critics, including yours truly are going silent, there is no story anymore.


So what keeps the last blog going?  The only thing they have to keep the faithful disciples coming back for more is the daily spouts of rhetoric coming from Rossi on his own blog. And even then most of those questions are coming from the disciples following Rossi’s only other blog in town.


It is really hilarious, one disciple asks Rossi a question on Rossi’s blog, than another disciple quotes that question and answer on Rossi’s only other blog that is following the daily “Rossi says.”  They all take turns of course asking Rossi questions.


If Rossi’s own blog was to cease, there would not be any news at all about the e-Cat Farce any more.  And this was the technology that almost every cold fusion/LENR enthusiast was saying would save the world.  There were going to be sales of the e-Cat in every Home Depot, remember?  Rossi had already built a factory that was going to be spitting out e-Cats at the rates of millions per year by the end of 2012.


Rossi said the military was buying these up like hotcakes, until people started noticing that every time there was a photograph of a 1MW e-Cat plant it was the same one that was at Rossi’s demonstration in October 2011.


The king is dead – long live the king.


Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
February 04, 2013



Has Sterling Allan found his “Findhorn”?


Sterling missed the magic of Scotland in “Findhorn”?

Scotland has its own spiritual community, Findhorn.  But they were not enough for Sterling Allan because they did not have a “free energy” device powering their community.  But with Sterling’s new found prophet Mr. Keppe, that is still a possibility, or so Sterling thinks.

“The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, ecovillage and an international centre for holistic education, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future…

Within the Findhorn Ecovillage at The Park, sustainable values are expressed in the built environment with ecological houses, applied technology in the Living Machine waste water treatment facility, the biomass boiler, and electricity-generating wind turbines, as well as the community’s social, economic and educational initiatives.”

Now we see why Sterling does not want “Darth Dansie” as a co-host for his potential show on “free energy.”

Sterling wants to stop his potential TV program from being produced by Pyramid – so Sterling comes up with a solution that he can justify in his own mind, will put the blame for the program’s failure to be produced by Pyramid, on someone else’s shoulder.  Sterling desperately wants KawaiFilms to be the producer of his TV show, so he does the one thing he knows will stop the wind from blowing the original program producer’s sails of production; Sterling tells Pyramid that he will not work with Mark Dansie.

Now without someone like Mark Dansie to bring Sterling’s not-to-be TV program back down from the clouds into reality, the program will just become Sterling’s search for his “High Priests” of his energy god.

You can see these tears in Sterling’s eyes when he talked about one of these “High Priests,”  Mr. Andrea Rossi, when Sterling talked about how Rossi was doing the work of Sterling’s energy god.  Now you can see the tears in Sterling’s eyes again when he talks of the motor developed by Sterling’s new found “High Priest” of his energy god, Mr. Keppe.

Just as a point of completeness we want to say we are 100% behind anyone who wants to make this a better world, and stop the needless death, destruction, and controlling methods used for those ends. But becoming a disciple to these “energy prophets” just isn’t our cup of tea.

There is a strange religion being created around these “free energy” prophets.  Mark my words, Mr. Rossi and Mr. Keppe, will both go down in history as “saints,” whether actually created so by the Catholic church, only time will tell.  And they will always have their disciples, such as Sterling, to pray them on, and bow at their feet.

Keep watching our site for Part 2 of “Sterling Allan (PESN) & John Rohner (Inteligentry) More Fraud and Scams,” in which Sterling, if he reads it, will see how most of the world looks at the real harm he is doing, and the possible legal percussions.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 27, 2013


Gary Wright has Answered Douglas Stuart Marker (DSM/Doug Marker)

I have answered DSM with this new article.

The article is in four sections. Parts 1-3 was posted today. Part 4 will be posted in the next couple of days.

Part I – Your introduction to Mr. Doug Marker.

Part II – The charges and claims against me as written and put on the internet by Mr. Doug Marker. These are screen shots only.

Part III – An analysis of those charges and claims against me. A few screen shots mostly text.

Part IV – A copy of the internet comments relating to DSM, the Papp engine, the Rohner brothers, and Mike McKubre.  Because of the number of these comments they will not be screen shots but will only be text.  But anyone can use search tools to find the original comments on the internet if they so desire.

I put in a very short concluding condensation of the main points of the article.

So a quick recap:

01) DSM writes hate speech about me from around June-July 2012 up to the time you read this.

02) DSM posts some emails on ECN claiming to come from me but gets no response.

03) DSM posts two comments on ECN about Roger Green and his latest license offering with Japan, material that was only available via email from Roger and had not been posted anywhere on the internet.

04) I post my first article about the new Roger Green offering, with a mention to a Doug Marker. With no connection to DSM or ECN.

05) DSM writes a comment slamming me with false accusations.

06) DSM continues to post hate speech towards me over the next few days.

07) DSM claims he sent me emails, but it turns out to be a phony email address.

08) DSM claims he sent emails to many people about me, including Peter Gluck, but none of them contacted me.

09) Peter Gluck sent an email about his latest story to his list, both a Doug Marker and myself are on that list. It is an open list, you can see the peoples email addresses.

10) Both Peter Gluck and I exchange emails, but Peter does not mention DSM.

11) I write and post this article.

I hope this clarifies the trash being put up on ECN by DSM.

Here is direct link to my answer to DSM/DSM2/Doug/Doug Marker

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 23, 2013


Update to the Update – $1.00 a share for Roger Green e-Cat Stocks


We just posted an article that is an update to our original update article here:

Andrea Rossi & Roger Green Fraud & Scam Update

Here is a link to the new update to the update:

Fraud Update to the Fraud Update – $1.00 a share for Roger Green e-Cat Stocks

Here are some interesting comments from the new article:

We wonder when and how long it will be before Andrea Rossi and Roger Green are on Oprah Winfrey for their “Lance Armstrong” moment?

  • Roger Green in the “Pink Sheets?” E-Cat stocks are now only $1.00 each.
  • Roger Green, on his own website, links to the Andrea Rossi video, that was first posted on the internet at the website.

Many more facts and copies of new website pages about the Roger Green and Andrea Rossi fraud and scam.

And we conclude with:

It is very sad that Mr. Green has to resort to the generous nature and kindness inherent in most people to try and raise funds for his fraud and scam.  You cannot be much more despicable than this.  Rossi has promised to give 40% of his earnings to children with cancer, but after claiming he has sold over 13 e-Cats at $1.5mil each, he has not spent one dime on them.  And now you, Mr. Green, say you will “lift whole continents out of poverty,” with non-existent e-Cats, just to get gullible people to invest in your project, this is about as low as you can go.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 20, 2013



Rossi & Roger Green Fraud & Scam Update


We just posted an update to the continuing fraud and scam as carried on by Roger Green and Andrea Rossi.  More documents for the soon coming RICO lawsuits.

As Rossi’s e-Cat is barely staying alive on life support, and long time friends and bloggers are losing interest, and closing down blogs, Mr. Roger Green is trying to cash in as the e-Cat gasps its last few breaths, to try and recoup his money back, leaving these last few rounds of investors holding the bag.

You can read the latest article here:

Andrea Rossi & Roger Green Fraud & Scam Update

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 18, 2013


Mr. Dan Glover admits putting lawyer on business card was wrong.


This is an Up Date to our article:

Sterling Allan (PESN) & John Rohner (Inteligentry) More Fraud and Scams – Part 1

DISCLAIMER:  This article is for informational purposes only.  Nothing in this article is legal advice. If you see a need to file an administrative, civil or criminal complaint against any of the companies or people involved, please see a licensed attorney or the proper authorities.

The lifeblood of any reporter and researcher are the people who give or send them their information.  This process brought down a sitting USA president, Mr. Nixon. In that regard we want to thank all of the people who have been sending in information concerning not only Mr. Andrea Rossi, but also the information concerning Mr. John Rohner at PowerGen 2012, CES 2013, and Mr. John Rohner’s past and current plans and comments.

Of course we cannot divulge the names of our sources.  What we can do for now is quote publicly available information sent to us by others following this story.  And in that regard we have a stunner update.

To read the complete article please go here on our website.

Update on the Mr. John Rohner (Inteligentry) Fraud

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 16, 2013


Has 22 Steps of Love Given up on Rossi?


The following comments were taken from the website of Daniele Passerini.

It is possible this is all a joke, but you never know.

This is also a Google translation so it might mean something else in Italian.

The parts I find interesting are highlighted in RED.

“I can no longer devote time and energy to blog, if I can no longer be parallel support and reference for  my partner and his son, if in parallel I can not give my daughter and my parents attention that need. And it always rains in the wet for wanting to help a friend in trouble a few years ago (see guarantee) I ended  up being in difficulty myself and just at the worst moment in which this could happen (Murphy’s law).

It hurts to take a break from the blog and it hurts to see him go adrift, but until I am again able to bear the wheel well, I prefer to drop anchor. Now I need to find in me – and in my belly – the peace of mind that my family deserves, I need to feel at liberty to be able to open up to a week without internet, if I have nothing more urgent to do or where think.

For months that reference this decision.

I wrote long ago that the expiration of two years from January 14, 2011, I would have pulled the oars in the absence of official announcements and indubitable reality on E-Cat, which – by the way – I still do not have doubts, not on the basis of my desires (as the skeptics want to believe), but based on what I am told by several people absolutely worthy of respect and trust in direct contact with our engineer. Wait patiently that doubts can be dispelled even the whole world and come back to hoist the sails of a new post will come when the news we have been waiting for two years. Otherwise I will not spend one more minute of my time.

Last but not least, doing so 22 steps you pull out even the election campaign … too many manipulations in ambush.

I’ve disabled comments on this post, there is nothing to speak of, just wondering with respect to a decision by no means easy.

I leave open the comments to the other post if you want to continue to communicate in these web spaces, between you and maybe – you never know! – About the respective topic. But for a while ‘there will be no new post to read and comment, neither mine nor anyone else’s. Of course, your comments will not be subject to any moderation (or ex ante or ex post or in the pipeline), otherwise I would point at the head … then vobis.

This release will be a surprise for everyone, starting with my own family until MYSTERY, since I made ​​this decision now and not consult with anyone. But I feel that it’s okay.
For maiora.

The previous post was written by Daniele Passerini at 15:26″

What this means if it is for real, I won’t attempt to guess.  Let’s see how long it lasts. Daniele Passerini, is/was a very faithful supporter of Andrea Rossi.

And this comes in just weeks before Rossi’s promised 3rd party independent verification of his e-Cat.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 14, 2013


Bob Rohner Seems a Little Confused


Bob Rohner’s major and only beef with Gary seems to be the article linked to above.

When we get the time maybe we will expand on why that article was written the way it was, and why Bob Rohner was there in the first place.  Bob for some reason wants to give everyone the impression that Bob had no need for any money when that was written. Not true.

Also Gary is criticized for sending the emails as a possible investor.  But how can anyone know what was in the mind of Gary at the time?  Can it not be possible that Gary was looking to see if Bob was looking for investors and if so maybe Gary would have joined in if he had a good reason?  Since Gary was just starting the Noble Gas engine investigation, and always had an interest in plasmas, how can anyone know by anything he wrote whether he was interested in getting involved with an investment with Bob or not?  If you had read the other emails Bob sent Gary, you would see why Gary dropped any interest in helping to finance Bob’s project.

You will also notice at the end Gary left the question about Bob open, and he has written little else about Bob’s project, good or bad, there must be a reason!

So of course the speculation and false accusations against Gary will continue.

One last comment, Gary knows a lot about Mike McKubre that he has never written about, and just because someone has a PhD, that alone does not mean they deserve his respect.

Did you know that Mike McKubre, when he was on the podium for Bob, was also at the time a board member of a corporation involved with Noble Gas engine development?

All will be revealed in due time.


As a response to our latest article:

Sterling Allan (PESN) & John Rohner (Inteligentry) More Fraud and Scams – Part 1

Mr. Bob Rohner posted a link with a short comment at the Facebook Papp NGE fangroup.

Then a Simon Derricutt posted a short comment saying he had sent Gary an email about that Facebook group.

Mr. Bob Rohner then sent in a long response slamming Gary Wright, saying Gary Wright is not welcome to that blog, and saying concerning Gary, “The man simply fabricates lies to promote himself and has no value what-so-ever.”

So we have just one question for Mr. Bob Rohner:

If what Gary Wright says is, “lies to promote himself and has no value what-so-ever,” then why did you write a post on the Facebook Papp NGE fangroup with a link to his latest article?

Just asking!

Here are the comments:

Bob Rohner
Share · 11 hours ago
Bob Rohner
I just found this – fairly complete. And yes Dr. Dr. John is still raising money with the help of
some new faces.
11 hours ago

Simon Derricutt
Bob – I’ve sent an email to Gary telling him of this group. It will give him further ammunition. Interesting information about practising [sic] Law in Nevada.
4 hours ago

Bob Rohner
Simon – Gary Wright is not welcome to this blog. If he comes on I wiil [sic] delete him, If you want him back, I will leave. The man simply fabricates lies to promote himself and has no value what-so-ever.

Joy & Peace Bob Rohner
January 12, 2013

CES 2013 John P. Rohner with Pictures and Legal Analysis

We just published a new page about the CES 2013 booth of Inteligentry and Mr. John P. Rohner.

There are some very interesting photos in the article of the booth and documents.

There is also an email from a person who spoke to those at the booth.  Very interesting what they said.

We put it in the Law and Legal section because this two part article is about the laws relating to fraud and scams.

You can read the complete story here:

Sterling Allan (PESN) & John Rohner (Inteligentry) More Fraud and Scams – Part 1

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 11, 2013


New e-Cat Joke


What do you get when you combine a con-man, drinks, a bet, and a doctor in phylosophy? = an e-Cat


Gary’s Reply to Peter Gluck

Dear Peter Gluck,

It is clear that you are misrepresenting my statements in your new article.

“Q: May I ask you about Andrea Rossi? The best living US LENR journalist has decided to ignore his work completely and a site aiming to shut him down says communist style they “will be happy to meet you in court” if you dare to disagree with their opinion and agenda of debunking Rossi as a fraud and scammer. What do you think?

A: About that Gary Wright? You told he has strong certainties- however not strong enough to sign an official document that he will make seppuku if Rossi succeeds to demonstrate and put on the market a commercial Ni-H energy generator.”

a) My comment was not “communist style.”  I believe in the right for everyone to say and believe whatever they choose.  What I do not think is right is for someone to violate laws and morals by carrying on a fraud and scam, defrauding people out of their money.  And in this case I am devoting a little of my time and effort by concentrating on Andrea Rossi’s e-Cat scam and fraud, only because it is connected to cold fusion/LENR.

b) I could care less if someone disagrees with me or not.  We are putting on this website – facts – bringing to light details of Rossi’s scam and fraud, which also includes bringing to light information that connects other people to Rossi’s project, even sometimes indirectly.  This website is another source of information for people to use to try and determine if they should believe that Andrea Rossi and the e-Cat is a fraud and scam or not, and to act on that decision, using all information available, however they choose.

c) The article on this website that relates to the “court” issue you mention was in response to many other people, some partners with Rossi who have made public statements that Gary Wright and people like me, will be sued in court by them and/or Rossi.  In that article we stated our position and said that if anyone wants to sue us in court, for making those statements, we would be happy to meet them there.

Here is a link to the article:  Rossi 1 Year Later

We did NOT say we have any desire to take anyone to court over anything, we just said that we would be happy to defend ourselves in court if someone else thought they might want to challenge our statements and/or claims by that method.

d) I find it totally amazing that someone would try to get me to sign some ridiculous “official” document, just because I am critical of the e-Cat fraud and scam, and then when I ignore that call, they try to use that against me as if that proved anything.  But yet at the same time the person calling for me to sign some statement has never asked all of the people involved in Rossi’s e-Cat scam and fraud to sign anything.

e) If the person requesting me to sign this “official” document had any sense of justice or fairness they would also put out a call for every person, scientist, or engineer connected to Rossi’s e-Cat fraud and scam to sign an “official” document like I have proposed in the article you are complaining about.

f) I am NOT the one claiming to have a working cold fusion/LENR device that will create overunity and 10KW of excess heat power, Andrea Rossi is.

g) I am NOT the one claiming to be selling, and have sold many, working and stable, 1 MW cold fusion/LENR e-cat power plants, Andrea Rossi is.

h) I am NOT the one selling licenses for the right to sell products that do not exist, and lying about the product availability, Andrea Rossi is.

I) I am NOT the one that claims to have a working cold fusion/LENR device that is operating in self sustaining mode at an operating temperature of over 1000 C, Andrea Rossi is.

j) I am NOT the one lying about working relationships with other companies, Andrea Rossi is.

k) I am NOT the one lying and making hundreds of false statements about everything to do with the e-Cat fraud and scam, Andrea Rossi is.

l) I am NOT the one who lied to the US patent office by submitting a document co-authored by him claiming that he heated a factory for over two years with a working stable cold fusion/LENR e-Cat, but now after five (5) years of trying, both in private and in public, cannot put on a public demonstration lasting more than a few hours, Andrea Rossi is.

m) I am NOT the one claiming they can create vast amounts of rare isotopes of Nickel very cheaply without using the normal known materials and methods, but refusing to publish or disclose that method, Andrea Rossi is.

n) I am NOT the one claiming they can transmute 30% of the Nickel in a cold fusion/LENR reactor into copper, then sending this false information to the US patent office, trying thereby to obtain a patent under false pretenses, Andrea Rossi is.

o) I an NOT the one who lied about the type of SGS certification obtained, and what they could legally do with the actual one they did obtain, Andrea Rossi is.

p) I am NOT the one lying about having a factory in Florida, USA, then changing my story when confronted by real authorities, IN PERSON, who will lock me up if I lie to them. Then go back to lying to the public about the very same issue, after the authorities went away, Andrea Rossi is.

q) etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Mr. Gluck you say:

About Andrea Rossi? Actually I am convinced, much more firmly than you, that he has discovered something new and very important for LENR. How? He knows! He says that evil forces are making impossible for him to get a solid patent. The truth is that he does not need and does not want any patent, because he first of all he wants to keep his process, his problems, his weaknesses, his errors and searches as secret as possible as long as he can.

In response to that comment I will say this:

a) Where did you ever get the idea Rossi does not want or need any patent?

b) First of all Rossi applied for and received one patent on his e-Cat device already from Italy.  Why did he do that if he did not want or need a patent?

c) Second, Rossi has mentioned hundreds of times in interviews, on video, and on his website that he wants and needs more patent coverage.

d) Third, your own statement says that Rossi is complaining because he cannot get his patents that are still pending.  Why would he complain if he did not want or need them?

e) Fourth, Rossi has mentioned hundreds of times in interviews, on video, and on his website about what will happen in some future time, things that depend on him receiving that patent coverage.  Why would Rossi make these statements if he did not want or need more patents?

f) You say, “because he first of all he wants to keep his process, his problems, his weaknesses, his errors and searches as secret as possible as long as he can.”  Rossi’s own actions show just the opposite.  Rossi has put on many private demonstrations, and many (over 8) public demonstrations. Rossi has conducted over 50 interviews for public media.  Rossi has over 10,000 comments on his own public blog, over 3,000 are his own comments, talking about every detail of the e-Cat fraud and scam, including all of the things you mention.

What is the reason you would make such a statement?  One that is so very easily contradicted? Since you have no proof for the claims made by Andrea Rossi, are you just making things up as you go along, so you can continue to believe in your own e-cat fantasy?

So in conclusion, yes I believe the e-Cat is a fraud and a scam, I am very certain of that, and I have seen nothing, even of the slightest nature, to convince me otherwise.

And in the future, Mr. Gluck,  please try not to misrepresent my words.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 22, 2012


A Challenge to Mr. Christos Stremmenos

Our Challenge to Mr. Christos Stremmenos

Since Gary Wright has been banned from the JONP we are publishing this article here.

To the Readers of the Journal Of Nuclear Physics:

I am sorry you all had to read the over 2,000 word, confused and rambling version of cold fusion as seen through the eyes of the Greek version of Mr. Hank Mills USA, Mr. Christos Stremmenos.

The reputation and critical thinking ability of Mr. Christos Stremmenos has been in question ever since he got caught up in the fraud and scam of Mr. Andrea Rossi, through his friend Mr. Sergio Focardi, another “scientist” who has also suffered the loss of his reputation and critical thinking ability, after meeting and working with the con-artist, scammer, and fraudster, Mr. Andrea Rossi, and his e-Cat Farce.

To read the complete article please go here on our website:


Our Challenge to Mr. Christos Stremmenos




Rossi 1 Year Later

The people running the Rossi e-Cat scam including those behind the curtain, are masters of their trade.

One of Rossi’s favorite sayings is that “the market will decide.”

Here is Rossi’s latest “says” from today, one of many:

  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Sverre Haslund:
    Yes, good program the one of SWT. Honest, sincere, objective. True: the market is the sole examiner that really counts.
    Warm Regards,

Now what is so diabolical about this statement is that it allows Rossi to continue his scam and fraud indefinitely, all Rossi has to do is keep an actual physical product from hitting the streets. One that any person can buy as Rossi originally claimed.

But at they same time this statement puts the seed in the mind of the reader or hearer that there is an actual real product in the market now or in the near future (It’s just in a perpetual R$D program.).  Hey, maybe Rossi has invented perpetual motion after all.

No reporter ever asks Rossi who this “market” actually is?

Back in 2011 Rossi said over and over that the October 28, 2011 demonstration was going to be the start and beginning of the “market” that would “decide” if his claims were true or not.

Not only that, but any person or company could buy one of his phony reactors and thereby put their voice into that “market” data.

Rossi claimed to have the factory to build 100s of these phony reactors a month.  And Rossi also claimed that many had been sold, with some of those to be put on public display.

The world now had a new – free energy source – that was going to change the world, he claimed.

And now after one year what do we see?  The original, the first and only, now all dressed up phony 1 MW reactor, with half of the units on the roof of the shipping container, open to vandalism and the elements.

How can anyone in their right mind believe this fraud and scam is not just that.

People are saying that very soon Gary Wright is going to be sued, well we say bring it on!

The first thing after verification of jurisdiction, standing, and charges, will come depositions and discovery.

We will be able to question (depose) under oath every person that had or now has anything to do with Andrea Rossi and any of his business entities, and is connected to his e-Cat Farce, scam and fraud.  This includes:

  • All of Rossi’s family
  • Every Rossi employee now and in the past
  • Every scientist, reporter, engineer and person that has looked at, written about, or talked about Rossi and the e-Cat fraud
  • Every blog owner that has been promoting Rossi using undisclosed sources
  • Every business that has had any connection with Andrea Rossi
  • etc., etc.

Then after the depositions we continue on with discovery which will allow us to obtain:

  • A copy of every contract connected with the e-Cat fraud
  • A copy of every email and letter stored on any computer system in the world connected with the e-Cat fraud
  • A copy of every business receipt, tax return, and corporation document
  • A copy of every check and all bank records connected to Rossi and his businesses
  • Etc. Etc.

Then after all of the above is gathered the trial will start where all of the above information will become public knowledge.

Mr. Rossi will also have to provide a working e-Cat that can run as claimed and the testing of that unit will have court appointed scientists and engineers verifying the claims.

So yes we make the follow claims:

  • The e-Cat of any type that is a product in R&D or for sale by Andrea Rossi or any of his companies or licensees is a fraud and a scam.  They do not operate as claimed and as published.
  • Every licensee trying to sell an e-Cat is involved in fraud and a scam.
  • Any scientist, engineer, or reporter that claims that the e-Cat operates as claimed and is a true working cold fusion/LENR device has just been conned and fooled by Andrea Rossi and his crew, partners, and associates.  They are fools, lacking basic objectivity, by not requiring the most basic of scientific protocols by requiring Andrea Rossi to allow true independent 3rd party testing and validation of the claims given of the e-Cat.
  • We claim that the e-Cat is a fraud, scam, and farce, and anyone promoting and supporting it is also part of the fraud and scam.

Now if any person would like to challenge our claims above we would be happy to meet you in court.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 18, 2012


Need Papers From Inteligentry & John Rohner Licensees

We are putting together an article to be submitted to a major science magazine for publication, and you can help.

Since John Rohner has now violated his fiduciary duty as leader of all three of his corporations, by lying and misrepresenting his technology, no licensee is honor bound by any clause in any contracts, licensee agreements,  or NDAs made with John Rohner or any of his companies.

We are writing an article about the current status of Cold Fusion/LENR and Noble Gas engines.  To make this article as complete as possible we need copies of any and all contracts, NDSs, license agreements, or any other type of document with any of these three companies:

  • Inteligentry, Ltd.
  • PlasmERG, Inc.
  • PTP Licensing, Ltd.

If you have copies of any of these documents and would like to help us in this article please provide copies of these documents to Gary Wright.

Please see the complete article here:


We Need Copies of Papers From Inteligentry & John Rohner Licensees



Sterling Allan Involved in Scam on 12-04-2012

Sterling Allan is doing the same thing he is accusing others of doing.

Running a scam based on “free energy.”  See the comparisons of the two scams:

a)     They both are promoting products that do not exist.  You must build them from plans.
b)     They both are based on overunity, “free energy.”
c)     One requires a donation before sending plans, the other provides plans first but then asks for donations.
d)     They both are based on devices that cannot work, and any scientist or engineer would tell you that.
e)     They both are based on scams and fraud.
f)     One honors a money back guarantee the other asks for donations with no way to get your money back.
g)     Both claim to have working devices that have powered homes.  No verification of that claim exists for either.
h)     They both are involved in false advertizing.
i)     They both have a long history of similar frauds and scams in the past.

You must read the new article here:

Fraud Alert!! PESN Sterling Allan Involved in Scam on 12-04-2012


Inteligentry Engines & e-Cats Brochureware?

Gary Wright ends his new story like this:  Read the full story here.

If John has a working Noble Gas Engine as he claims, and it will be demonstrated at the December 11, 2012 show, and if John has the organization of manufacturers in place as he claims, then Andrea Rossi might as well pack up his marbles (e-Cats) and go home.

But then again, after four years of vaporware and brochureware, if John Rohner via Inteligentry does not come through with a working engine at this show in two weeks, then I will actively put John Rohner on my confirmed list of scammers and fraudsters.

Everyone, no matter how far out their claims, should have their day in court, so to speak.  They should have the opportunity to present their claims to be evaluated and tested.  The world has been waiting for hundreds of years for a small free energy device that can transform this sea of energy in which we are all immersed into a source of unlimited, usable energy coming through that device without meters or control by others.  That day will come, the only question is when, and who will bring us the actual working device, this Holy Grail?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 30, 2012


62+ Quotes Rossi e-Cats Factory Florida USA

Gary just published an article about Rossi making e-Cats in Florida here:

62+ Quotes Rossi making e-Cats in Factory in Florida, USA


Rossi about Gamma Rays and Transmutations

Gary just published a page with 110+ quotes by Rossi about Gamma Rays and Transmutations, you can read here:

110+ Quotes by Rossi about Gamma Rays and Transmutations


Our Answer to Peter Gluck

Gary just received this e-mail from Peter Gluck.
At the end of the e-mail Peter says:

“As far as Gary is not the Ruler of the LENR field, I hope he will apologize for his dictatorial manner.”

First of all Gary never said people should not talk about Rossi.
What Gary did say was that HOW people talk about Rossi clearly puts them into one of two classes, either for or against Rossi and his fraud and scam.

There is much evidence with supporting facts that clearly show that the e-Cat project of Andrea Rossi is nothing but a fraud and scam.

While at the same time there is NO evidence or facts to show that what Andrea Rossi is doing is true legitimate science and technology, based on CF/LENR.

Gary repeats again from his article:

Why do you think Rossi, on his blog, never objects about anyone when they use disclaimers when they are talking or writing about Rossi and the e-Cat?  It is real simple, it is because they become Rossi’s puppets, his disciples, his pawns, they are encouraging and promoting Rossi, sometimes without even knowing it.

Just go back and look on Rossi’s blog, at all of those times when Rossi really goes ballistic and attacks someone, calling them snakes and clowns, usually by using all caps, it only happens when someone calls a spade a spade, and tells the truth about Rossi and his e-Cat fraud and scam.  And the reason that is the only time he does it, is because he knows that is the only type of writing or speaking that can do him any harm, by shining the light on the details of his scam and showing how his fraud operation is constructed and is being played out on the real life stage.

There is now so much evidence against Andrea Rossi that there is no middle ground anymore.

If someone has a complaint about what Gary wrote they need to address a particular sentence, not the tone of the article.

Gary will never apologize for FACTS, and facts are something which Tyler clearly does not know or understand.

Gary started his article by defining the important words he was using, and Gary is sorry, but maybe since Peter Gluck is from Romania he doesn’t have as firm a grasp of the English language as Gary.

UPDATE — One of the places that Peter sent his email to was the Vortex group.  Gary just received an e-mail from Daniel Rocha responding to that message Peter sent, in which he said:

“Peter, Gary is a banned spammer from Vortex. He is a lunatic and powerless. You can just chill out. Don’t worry.”

Now this is very interesting for many reasons, here are some:

  • Gary has never posted on Vortex, even once.
  • How can you be a spammer when you have never posted there?
  • How can you be banned from a site where you have never posted?
  • Was Gary banned, being absent, because of the truth he writes about Rossi?
  • Gary is no lunatic, and his writings have more influence about Rossi on the internet, second only to Steven Krivit’s website.

We agree Peter should just chill out unless he has a specific complaint about a specific statement.

Here is Peter’s e-mail in its entirety:
“Dear Friends,
In this stale season when it is not much to say about LENR.
Gary Wright has published a long paper:
“More on Tyler & Are the Leaders of ISCMNS Supporters of Rossi’s Scam?
The paper suggests that some of our distinguished CMNS scientists
are in a way accomplices of Rossi’s scam. Gary Wright accepts only one attitude toward
Rossi saying/shouting that he is a complete scammer and shutting him down. Certainty,
absolute truth. Even speaking about him is a sin against science and technology.
I have already written about Gary Wright’s mentality here:,
but I did not guessed he can be so unjust and aggressive as in his new paper.

In any collection of quotations re Truth you can find this too
“Believe those who seek the truth; doubt those who find it.” (Andre Gide) 

This is the “old” form. In the new one, after his visit in the Soviet Union were only One opinion was admitted in everything, Gide began to tell about love for those who still seek the truth and fear from those who claimed to have found it and possess it.

As far as Gary is not the Ruler of the LENR field, I hope he will apologize for his dictatorial manner.

Dr. Peter Gluck
Cluj, Romania



More on Tyler & Are the Leaders of ISCMNS Supporters of Rossi’s Scam?

OK – Here we go again.  Gary has written more about ICCF-17 and Tyler.

This time though Gary is including links for streaming videos of three never shown before full length videos taken during the ICCF-17 conference.  The three presentations you can watch here on this site include:
The Nagel talk. The Frank Gordon talk. And the Tyler talk.
Here are some highlights of the new article:

Why did we publish the article “Tyler van Houwelingen Apologetics for Rossi”?

Mike McKubre says 1st Rossi 1MW customer was not US military.

If you write articles, books, stories, have websites or produce videos that basically contain a lot of what “Rossi says or what other people say about Rossi,” or if you speak in videos, at seminars or conferences, on the radio, TV or the internet about what “Rossi says or what other people say about Rossi,”  even if you use disclaimers, than you are promoting, encouraging, and supporting Rossi.

On one side you have those who promote, ally with, and encourage Rossi by being “for Rossi,” “being neutral,” or “being a partner”; on the other side you have those that speak out against Rossi.  The fence separating the two sides is so narrow and so tall now, that no person can walk it.

Nagel also promoted Roger Green and his e-Cat site for a place where people can go to get a good comparative economic evaluation of an e-Cat.  Please see our analysis of the Roger Green part in Rossi’s scam here on our site.

Peter Hagelstein, “Interesting presentation, I heard presentations something like this before…and I walk away scratching my head a little bit, in terms of facts some of the things that you presented I might disagree with a little bit…one of these days somebody ought to put in some time and effort to get a version of this thing that actually is correct.”

Then Tyler asked Peter, “my email is on there…send me the changes.”

Peter Hagelstein, “Well it would probably start from the beginning and include almost everything all the way to the end…”

And much, much more, read all about it by clicking on the link below.

More on Tyler & Are the Leaders of ISCMNS Supporters of Rossi’s Scam?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 29, 2012



Tyler van Houwelingen and Rossi

Tyler van Houwelingen Apologetics for Rossi

An analysis of Tyler’s “Is Commercial Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) The Real Deal?”

This is listed under investors because that is the purpose of Tyler’s document, to bring investors to Rossi.

Here are some some quotes from the article.

The publication by Tyler van Houwelingen called “Is Commercial Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) The Real Deal?” is a perfect example of why it is clear that Andrea Rossi has created a religious following of disciples, bowing and groveling at his feet just waiting for the chance to kiss his metaphorical ring.

We wanted to just ignore Tyler, but Tyler and his manifesto have become a perfect example of why we say – Rossi with his e-Cat religion and his disciples are doing more damage to the whole cold fusion/LENR field than all of the critics combined.

Since Tyler’s publication and talk at ICCF-17 was asked for, allowed, and is being promoted by the cold fusion/LENR group, it is clear to us this type of thing is one more reason why very few take cold fusion/LENR seriously today.  It must also be remembered that originally Tyler’s main reason for producing his document and talk was to promote Rossi’s e-Cat religion. (It is now only thinly veiled.)

To try to convince them to invest in LENR Tyler says he created this document using “facts” not “opinion.”

“I have performed this analysis using a purely fact-based approach using verifiable data and credible sources and highlighting any circumstantial or yet unsubstantiated evidence shown.”

In this analysis we will show just how much of Tyler’s documents is based on “facts” and how much is based on “opinions.”

You can read the complete article on this page: Tyler van Houwelingen Apologetics for Rossi

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 14, 2012


Patent Wars Comparing Patents of Francesco Piantelli & Andrea Rossi

This is just a heads up about what we are working on.

The patent of Francesco Piantelli has almost been issued and the patent of Andrea Rossi was denied, by the EPO.

We are writing a story comparing the two patents and clarifying why one is being approved and why one was rejected.

Stay tuned, it should be posted by tomorrow.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 29, 2012


Roger Green & Robert K. E-mails

The Roger Green & Robert K. E-mails have all been put back up.

Over the next few days we are going to review the descriptions and commentary and revise if needed.

Now for the video and this section will be complete.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 25, 2012


Why the USPTO Rejected the Santilli Patent

Gary Wright has just published an article giving a current and up-to-date peek into how and why the USPTO is rejecting cold fusion/LENR patents.

The story is based on a complete analysis of the Santilli LENR patent, including the latest papers sent to the USPTO by Santilli on October 18, 2012 and the Oral Interview in October also. Here are some of the patent examiner’s comments in the section “The Final Rejection.”

 “More importantly, said Declaration fails to provide direct and convincing evidence that a preponderance of evidence against utility as transpired from the examination of the state of the art as set forth in the prior Office Action does not exist: websites to what basically are applicant’s own work are less than convincing because the examiner should already reasonably have concluded that applicant stands by his own work: It has long been known what applicant believes he has achieved. Furthermore, the problem is not that no proponents can be found, but that there is a preponderance of evidence against credibility of the asserted utility. Since applicant is convinced, why not submit his work in the form of a working device to be tested by a scientifically reputed and fully neutral institution, such as either the National Institute of Science and Technology ( NIST) or the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)? A positive outcome of such test would certainly convince any examiner to withdraw the rejections for lack of utility and for lack of enablement.”

 “Finally, applicant is kindly invited to provide evidence of the scientific standing of the journal ” New Advances in Physics”; neither the examiner nor search support staff has been able to find said journal indexed in any commercial database.”

“According to examiner’s information, furthermore, and applicant may correct examiner if incorrect: Manager and CEO of aforementioned publishing company is his spouse, Ms. Carla Santilli, casting some doubt on the neutrality of the publishing company.”

Mr. Rossi take note, the patent office does not like information from self published blogs and phony “scientific journals.”

You can read the complete article here in the section “Technology Patents and IP.”
Why USPTO Rejected Santilli Patent

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October  19, 2012


Latest on Hydro Fusion & Rossi

We have been getting reports about Mr. Rossi going silent when asked why 2 blog sites are the only place to read his latest testing info.

For the first time since May 2012, – The Official Website of Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, E-Cat has posted something on their website.

Does this mean that Magnus Holm, CEO Hydrofusion and Mr. Rossi are mending fences and getting back together as we predicted  HERE

There is now this posting on the website:
October 14
Leonardo Corp releases new ECAT test data
Report date: October 9th 2012
Please take note of the data format: a period  “.” is used to indicate the decimals and a comma “,” to indicate the thousands, not vice versa as in many countries; for instance, 2,000.00 means “two thousand point zero hundredths”.
The reactor is a cylinder having the following dimensions:

  • Length: 33 cm
  • Diameter: 8.6 cm

(See photos in the Penon Report attached)
Surface: 891 cm
The internal cylinder has been eliminated; energy measurements were performed on the external surface only, through the Stephan-Boltzmann equation.
Weight without charge: 4331 g
Weight before test: 4351 g
Weight after test: 4350 g
Charge weight: 20 g

Test started: Sept 25th at 08.00 AM
Test completed: Oct 9th at 08.00 AM
Total duration of the test: 336 hours

Time from reactor startup to full power: 4 hours
Reactor shutdown time: 4 hours
Net operation time for stabilized reactor: 328 hours

Average room temperature: 25 °C
Temperature reached after 4 hours: 1050 °C
Average temperature for the following 328 hours: 1050 °C

Self-sustaining mode operation, total time:  118 hours
Peak power consumption: about 5 kW
Average power consumption: about 2.4 kW (two point four kW)

kWh 278.4

T(°K)4 = 2.838 * 1012
Wh = 2.838 * 1012 * 5.67 * 10-8 * 8.91 * 102 * 10-4 =  14.337 Wh * h-1 (fourteen point three hundred and thirty-seven kWh per hour)
kWh 3.268
3.268/278.4 = 11.7 (eleven point seven)
163.4 MW * kg-1 (one hundred and sixty-three point four MWh per kg)
(see the Ragone Plot at p. 15 of the Penon Report attached)
Optris PI 160 Camera (see Attachment 1)
Tursdale Technical Services, PCE-830 (See Attachment 2)
Black paint, proprietary formulation, resistant up to 1200° C, made specifically for Leonardo Corp. by Universokrema, Treviso, Italy.
This test is under scrutiny by an independent third party.

Hydro Fusion on their website still has this posted:
Press release

Hydro Fusion witnessed a new independent test of the high temperature ECAT prototype reactor on September 6th in Bologna. Although no full report has yet been received, early indications are that the results of the July 16th/August 7th reports could not be reproduced.
Hydro Fusion cannot at this stage support any claims made, written or other, about the amount of excess heat generated by the new high temperature ECAT prototype.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 16, 2012



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We added 2 new page:

The “Blog FAQ Q&A” page where you can get answers to your questions if you have one. We will post the questions and the answers on that page.

The other page is “0 Latest News” where we will put short comments about our latest pages and any other items of interest.


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