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We need to put a name to this face.  We need help in identifying this man,
please see the
UPDATED “Wanted” page for complete details.

We received a comment from “Chris” asking why we want this information.
Chris claims to have information about the identity of this man.
But instead of giving us any information Chris just asked:
Why do you want this information?

We want this information first of all, to close out just one of many still open and unresolved questions, which is, what is the real identity of the man at the demo?
Any information given to us about the true identity of the man at the demo must be verifiable, and yes, we will publish that information if it is given to us.
Second we would like to contact this person (the man at the demo) for an interview if possible. This would require having the contact information of the person. Information we are hoping to find out from the person telling us his identity.

What we will NOT do is enter into a conversation about the man at the demo with someone else we do not know.
To enter into a dialog with us, first of all the person claiming to know who this person is, must identify themselves, and second of all they must tell us the actual identity of the person at the demo. After we verify the information given, if the person giving us this information requests, we will enter into a dialog with them about disclosure, before we publish the identity of the man at the demo.

Of course anyone can anomalously send us the true identity of the man at the demo, through our contact page, and if the information is verifiable it will be published.

October 29, 2014


Disclaimer: First of all we claim “Fair Use” for all information on this website. We are a public service website bringing to the world’s attention the methodologies and details of “Free Energy” frauds and scams. This is not a commercial website. Nothing on this website is, or should be taken as legal advice, but is for informational purposes only.  If you want to file a criminal or civil complaint please contact the proper authorities or council for instructions, just beware of timelines and cut off dates, but if you want to use any material on this website, we will gladly provide unedited, original copies of all material on this website to the proper authorities.


New Post Today, February 15, 2015 —

UPDATE – Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report – UPDATE

We provide additional information about a new company connected to the Rossi fraud. We show that one of the properties, a condo connected to the Rossi scam, was sold for only $100. We show JT Vaughn’s earlier connections to Andrea Rossi. We show that many government and private pension funds are investing in Cherokee Investment Partners LLC, which is the company that has the affiliate, Industrial Heat LLC, which is now a partner with, and promoting the e-cat fraud, by the felon, jailbird and scam artist, Andrea Rossi. We provide proofs for many of our claims that Andrea Rossi is a felon and fraud, and spent many years in prison. We question whether Giuliano Guandalini actually helped Andrea Rossi sell EON srl, Italy for about one million Euros as Mats Lewan reported.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
February 15, 2015


Conclusions Drawn from the N. C. Radiation Protection Report

As you will find out in this article, the goal of Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC is to obtain “hundreds of millions” of more dollars from their ongoing fraud and scam called the e-cat. This article also shows that it is impossible that all of the people involved in this project are telling the truth. Clearly some or all of the people involved are telling tall tales, lies and/or falsehoods. We give the addresses of 15 properties in the Miami area that are owned by Andrea Rossi and his partners, all purchased after Industrial Heat LLC raised $11.5M with a SEC filing. And after Industrial Heat LLC purchased the e-cat IP, world manufacturing rights, and licensing rights to some parts of the world from Rossi. We even show what we think their game plan and method is to get investors to put up the additional “hundreds of millions” they are wanting.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
February 9, 2015


600+ Comments from Andrea Rossi
Working with Industrial Heat LLC, (Sales – R&D – Factory)

You will be amazed (or not) at the information detailed in this new story.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
February 8, 2015


JT Vaughn Tells Investigators Rossi is NOT Credible

A must read. Just like before. No factory, No R&D, No customers, etc.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
February 3, 2015


Sterling Allan is one of the first people to cover Andrea Rossi and his e-cat scam in great detail.
Rossi is still to this day using Allan’s webpages in his patent applications.
Sterling Allan was/is a financial partner of Rossi, just look at the disclaimers on some of Allan’s old webpages about the e-cat.

But now Sterling D. Allan seems to be having problems.
It is very sick, but if you really want to watch and hear the ramblings of a mad man just watch this video where Sterling D. Allan says he is GOD in the flesh, admits to being a pedophile, admits he has committed sexual abuse with an underage child, and says that he is waiting to be arrested. Mr. Allan claims he chose this life before coming to Earth to be a “scapegoat” which of course is all foretold in his insane “alphabetics.”

Here is the link to the story:
Sterling D. Allan waiting to be Arrested for Sexual Abuse with a Child

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 31, 2014


The Complete Bo Hoisted Interview on Radio24 in English

Andrea Rossi, E-cat, Industrial Heat LLC –
Complete Bo Hoisted Interview on Radio24 in English

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 16, 2014


New Post Today, December 14, 2014 —

Andrea Rossi & Industrial Heat LLC –
Another Way to Cheat – Three E-cats Used During the Lugano Test

We added a new article on the same subject as the above post today, December 14, 2014.
More Thoughts on – Three E-cats Used During the Lugano Test
We added some new material to the above post on December 15, 2014
This further clarifies why the third device was needed.

Documenting more LIES and ridiculous inconsistencies in the latest e-cat Lugano test report.
This article will explain more things about the latest e-cat Lugano test than you can imagine.

This article is dedicated to “Cimpy,” H-G Branzell, Sylvie Coyaud —“Ocasapiens,” Giancarlo, Mario Massa, etc, who are fighting against the NEANDERTHALS Andrea Rossi, “22Passi”— Daniele Passerini, Andrea Rampado — “Mistero, Mystery,” Frank Acland, etc. etc.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 14, 2014


Mats Lewan – the Update to the ‘Elforsk-Levi Lugano E-cat Report’ of Andrea Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC is Delayed Because of More Experimental Work

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 7, 2014


Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 29, 2014


Andrea Rossi, E-cat, Industrial Heat LLC
New Cold Fusion/LENR Patent Applications – Lookout Rossi!

We only bring these to your attention because in one – “The fusion fuel comprises a catalytic material”
This is interesting because we are absolutely, positively, sure Rossi is now going to claim they stole his ideas.

But what Rossi and Industrial Heat LLC, should really be doing is hiring those patent attorneys, because they seem to know how to include a catalytic material in a patent application. Something that Rossi for some reason, always seems to forget when it comes time to write out those claims and descriptions.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 15, 2014


New Post  Today –

Andrea Rossi, E-cat, Industrial Heat LLC
LIES, Tests, Ethics & Research Misconduct

Most of those who are followers and/or disciples of Rossi’s new religion “e-catholic” have no real experience in scientific/engineering testing and research. Here is a very good article for anyone who follows or believes in any free energy claims. This article takes a look at what constitutes evidence in science and engineering, and further describes what the scientific method is and how it operates. It gives many examples of various ethic codes including worldwide standards of ethics for scientific/engineering testing and research.

It is our humble opinion, based on worldwide standards of ethics for scientific/engineering testing and research, that the following people have engaged in ethic violations, including research and scientific misconduct; in addition this “research and scientific misconduct” is being used to advance the acceptance of, and obtain money for, the e-cat fraud and scam…..

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 13, 2014


New Post  Today –

Andrea Rossi–E-cat–Industrial Heat LLC
new Photo of Rossi ‘Working’ to Create a ‘Hot Cat’ Scam Test

Want to see a photo of Rossi working hard creating the hot cat scam?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 28, 2014


New Post  Today –

Andrea Rossi–E-cat–Industrial Heat LLC
More Lies in the ‘Elforsk-Levi Report #2’ the Temp was Higher than 1400 °C

Just one more reason this report is nothing but pure trash.

“Because there are well over 100 discrepancies in this report we think it was fabricated from many conflicting tables, photos, charts, and data that they were continually changing to try and arrive at a coherent and consistent document they thought the public would accept.”

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 25, 2014


New Post  Today –

Andrea Rossi–E-cat–Industrial Heat LLC
Thomas F. Darden LIES about the ‘Elforsk-Levi Test #2’

Why is it that almost all of the people close to Andrea Rossi are either grossly incompetent, teller of tall tales, disciples, or just plain old fashioned liars? There are too many to list now, but we want to tell you about one incident that just might have the SEC looking into the inner workings of Industrial Heat LLC, Cherokee Investment Partners, John T. Vaughn, and Thomas F. Darden.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 24, 2014


New Post  Today –

Andrea Rossi – Industrial Heat LLC – E-cat
Why Power for the ‘Dummy’ Run was Below 500 W in the Elforsk-Levi Report #2

Just one more reason this report is nothing but trash.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 20, 2014


New Post  Today –

Andrea Rossi – E-cat
A partial list of Rossi’s “Impossible Inventions” all Frauds and Scams

Mats Lewan thinks Rossi had only one “Impossible Invention.”  We know that is not true, Andrea Rossi has created at least (7) seven “Impossible Inventions.”

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 19, 2014


New Post  –

Andrea Rossi – E-Cat
Answer to Bo Höistad – Who are you? Are you an alias for Steven Krivit?

For the sake of full disclosure we would now like to make a list of some of the milestones “Gary Wright” has played in this farce up to now.

“Gary Wright” was the one who – discovered that Maddalena Pascucci transferred the Energy Catalyzer patent rights to Rossi’s Florida Leonardo Corp.

“Gary Wright” was the one who – obtained the emails from Julia Betts at National Instruments stating they had not worked with Rossi on his control system. This is a very interesting untold story, and Krivit still does not know all the details of what transpired before and after those emails were sent.

Plus much more.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 18, 2014


All of those who believe in Andrea Rossi, all of those who think Rossi is some kind of savior who will “save the world,” all of those who are disciples of Rossi, say the same thing — everyone should be looking forward — looking to the next bit of news or the results of the next test or demo. We say that is pure PROPAGANDA. THAT is exactly what keeps these types of scams alive. THAT is exactly what the scammers, like Rossi, want you to think and believe, instead of thinking for yourself. All those who only look forward in these types of scams will only see more false hope, more lies and falsehoods, more money going into the scammers pockets. What everyone should be doing is looking backward — to find out how the world of free energy and cold fusion/LENR arrived at the sad state of affairs it is currently in right now.

Andrea Rossi – E-cat
Report on the Petrol Dragon/Omar Scam (Part 1a)

Andrea Rossi – E-cat
Report on the Petrol Dragon/Omar Scam (Part 1b – Part 7)

Andrea Rossi – E-cat
Report on the Petrol Dragon/Omar Scam (Part 1b – Part 8)

Be sure to see the new video about the Petrol Dragon Farce — never seen in the USA before.

Andrea Rossi – E-cat
Giuseppe Levi – E-Cat Test Reporters – Possible Criminal Activity

Andrea Rossi – E-cat / Defkalion
The Mats Lewan & Lucas Gamberale Reports

Andrea Rossi – E-cat
How Rossi, Focardi, and Levi Faked The Low Temp E-cat Demos

Two new articles about Andrea Rossi

Andrea Rossi – E-cat
Marcus Hansson – English Translation of the 3-Part Radio Show
In addition we include links to the interesting Sylvie Coyaud series of matching articles.

Andrea Rossi – E-Cat
New Facts From Marcus Hansson Radio Show & Rossi’s First Hot-Cat Report

Like they say – you just can’t make this stuff up. We have a new post today.
Andrea Rossi – E-Cat – The New Elforsk Statement in English with Analysis

110 Quotes by Rossi about Gamma Rays and Transmutations

Andrea Rossi – E-Cat – Scammers and the Cold Fusion/LENR Matrix

Andrea Rossi – E-Cat – Errors in Rebuttal by Researchers at KTH-Uppsala Indicative of New Test?
Do NOT read this if you cannot handle sarcasm.

New Post Today –
Andrea Rossi – E-Cat – Academic ‘Victim’ or Part of the Con? With Interview by Stephan Pomp
Stephan Pomp, from Division of Applied Nuclear Physics, Uppsala University, Sweden,
explains how scientists in Sweden should approach testing a device like Andrea Rossi’s e-cat.



For the first time in history the complete story of Andrea Rossi’s Petrol Dragon/Omar fraud and scam will be published. Including full and complete sources, proving Andrea Rossi is a convicted criminal who spent over 9 years of his life in prison, on house arrest, or on probation.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 11, 2014


Andrea Rossi – E-cat
Hydro Fusion Cashing in Before the Collapse?


Andrea Rossi – E-cat – Fraud and Scam Testing Methods

Joy & Peace

Gary Wright
May 7, 2014


We published two new articles on May 3, 2014: Enjoy

Andrea Rossi – E-cat – Is the “Rossi Effect” a virus?
Andrea Rossi – E-cat Scientific-Engineering Reporting by Giuseppe Levi – UNIBO, Trustworthy?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 4, 2014


Andrea Rossi – Happy Easter Anniversary – Remembering the Petrol Dragon – Omar Scam

It was on Easter weekend of 1998 that about 250 cubic meters or about 250 metric tons of highly toxic and hazardous material was leaked by saboteurs into the Ticinello canal.

Click on the article title to read the complete story about Rossi’s 1998 Easter.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
April 19, 2014


Is Rossi stealing papers and putting them on his personal blog?

On February 22nd, 2014 Rossi published a paper – “Physics of Rotating and Expanding Black Hole Universe.”

This paper looks very similar to one published in Issue #2 of the journal “Progress in Physics.” That paper was submitted in 2009 and published in 2010. We have never seen the same paper published in two different journals before.

We just sent this email today to the 3 editors of the journal – Progress in Physics. We will let you know how they respond, if they do.

Rossi New Paper
“The editor of the journal “Progress in Physics” responded to our inquiry today, and told us they have notified the author, asking him to remove his publication from Rossi’s website.” February 26, 2014

We still wonder if the original author is aware that Rossi put the article up on his site.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
February 25, 2014


For various reasons Gary Wright has decided to publish the Thermoelectric Scam story on a different website. Please click on the story titles to read the parts of this new ground breaking, never told before story, of how Andrea Rossi and partners scammed the USA government and the USA taxpayers out of millions of dollars. Never producing even one working device as claimed and never having any device independently tested by a third party.

The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 1

The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 2

The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 3
        Part 3 includes the first FOIA file.

The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 4

It is time for us to tell you about gold mines, a partner jailed for felony jury tampering, phony bankruptcies, partners who had an electrical plant permit revoked because of insufficient reliability and integrity to operate a solid waste facility, and false statements in sworn legal and administrative documents.

The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 4b

Part 4b is more on why the waste plant in Italy, owned by partners of Andrea Rossi was shut down. Fraud and corruption was at the heart of the reason, just as with most anything Rossi touches.

The E-cat & Thermoelectric Scam of Andrea Rossi – Part 5a

Three more documents obtained through FOIA.
Never seen before copies of early thermoelectric patent applications.

Part 5b coming soon.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 21, 2014


Posted today here:

SGS and Andrea ‘Sweetie Pie’ Rossi the Final Certification Story

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 15, 2014


It looks like it is time to wrap this story up.
Some people are too afraid to talk it seems.
Here are some stories we will be finishing in the near future.

  • SGS Certification
  • The Thermoelectric Scam
  • Various bits of information from many different sources

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 10, 2014


A new article has been posted, you can read all about it here.

Hanno Essén Admits Recent Test of Andrea Rossi’s E-cat NOT Science

It kind of speaks for itself.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
June 3, 2013


Breaking News!!!

Andrea Rossi removes Secret Sauce from EPO Patent Application

You MUST read the latest article called –

“Comparing Rossi’s Latest EPO Patent Filing with the Rossi/Levi/Essen Report”



From the very beginning of the Andrea Rossi story starting when Rossi contacted Focardi, the one and only claim that allowed Rossi and Focardi to say they could not provide the details of the device, claiming it was a trade secret, was the additive.  In the 2010 paper by Focardi and Rossi we read:

“2. Experimental results
In this paper we report the results obtained with a process and apparatus not
described here in detail and protected by patent in 90 countries, consisting of a
system whose heat output is up to hundred times the electric energy input…The system on which we operate consists of Ni, in H atmosphere and in the presence of additives placed in a sealed container and heated by a current passing through a resistor.”


Rossi, Prof. Focardi, and many others have also said numerous times that his e-cat would not operate as claimed, i.e. providing massive amounts of heat output at least one magnitude greater than the electrical input, and with the ability to operate in self-sustaining mode, without this secret catalyst.

In his attempt to obtain a EPO patent on the e-cat, on April 15, 2013, Andrea Rossi sent in to the EPO all new revised claims 1-7.  The most important of the revisions is No. 2 which Rossi has deleted in its entirety. This was the claim that included his secret catalyst.  Rossi is now claiming in his EPO patent application that this secret catalyst is not needed for any mode of operation of the e-cat

One of the most important results of this change in the patent application claims is that if what Andrea Rossi is now saying is true, than the additive was never needed from the beginning.  And we must look for other sources of heat for Rossi’s many demonstrations.

Has Andrea Rossi been fooling all of these scientists, engineers, and hardworking folks sending money to people like Roger Green in Australia for e-cat licenses?

Was Rossi lying when he said the secret catalyst was needed or is Rossi lying now when he says the secret catalyst is not needed?  Anyway you want to look at it Rossi is lying.  So what is new, just one more among hundreds.

This paper looks at that revised patent application claim and the other claim changes in detail.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 29, 2013


From the new article being written about the “thermoelectric scam”.

“If you have been following the Rossi ecat story then you will see within the “thermoelectric scam” the seeds of many of the same tricks Rossi has been using in the ecat scam.  Here are a few examples.

  • Rossi’s was telling everyone that his first “robotized” factory was being built in Florida, until the Florida BRC sent their investigators, then Rossi had to admit it was all a lie. (Read about that story here on the shutdownrossi.com website). If that is what you thought you would be wrong, Rossi’s first (imaginary) “robotized factory” was in New Hampshire, USA, not Florida.
  • Bet you thought Rossi’s first experience at fooling the people testing and calculating the test results of Rossi’s technology demos started with the ecat demonstrations.  If so you would be wrong again, it was the “thermoelectric scam.”
  • Rossi has always claimed it was his proprietary process of making the very expensive NI62 isotope in great quantities very inexpensively that allowed him to make and operate the ecats.  Want to know where he first started that concept, yes it had its roots in the “thermoelectric scam.”  Connected to this we discovered the possible reason why USA Nuclear Laser, Inc., in Ohio changed its name to Leonardo Technologies Inc.
  • Did you think that the first license Rossi supposedly sold was for the ecat?  Wrong again, it involved the “thermoelectric scam.”  Or so they claim.
  • The picture below is Andrea Rossi at the University of New Hampshire with his phony module.”

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 27, 2013


A Challenge to the Rossi/Levi/Essen Team and Their Report on the Fake E-cat

In the article linked to above, there is now a challenge that the same testing results and report can be duplicated as was published by the Rossi/Levi/Essen team in their report.

Not only that but here is your chance to get shutdownrossi.com off the airways or etherways or off the electronways, or just off the internet.

“…if we cannot reproduce the results of the test, very closely, as much as possible, using the same testing equipment, software, power sources, and methods as the original test, than we will take this site shutdownrossi.com off the internet.”

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 24, 2013


Breaking news !!!

We have just received – today – the final FOIA papers we asked for in relation to the Rossi Thermoelectric scam. Hope to have the article up by the first of next week.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 24, 2013


Thoughts on the latest Andrea Rossi, Giuseppe Levi, and Hanno Essén paper.

This latest paper is not independent.

It is not scientific.

And it proves that Rossi’s device is not self-sustaining and that all of the power comes from the electricity!

At the end of the article you can download Appendix 1 and Appendix 2
by David Bianchini, M.Sc. missing from the original article.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 23, 2013


How to Create News About Rossi and the E-Cat

The king is dead – long live the king.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
February 04, 2013


As we wait for Part 2 of the “Sterling Allan (PESN) & John Rohner (Inteligentry) More Fraud and Scams,” story, we give you this:

Has Sterling Allan found his “Findhorn”?

Now we see why Sterling does not want “Darth Dansie” as a co-host for his potential show on “free energy.”

You can see these tears in Sterling’s eyes when he talked about one of these “High Priests,”  Mr. Andrea Rossi, when Sterling talked about how Rossi was doing the work of Sterling’s energy god.  Now you can see the tears in Sterling’s eyes again when he talks of the motor developed by Sterling’s new found “High Priest” of his energy god, Mr. Keppe.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 27, 2013


Gary Wright has Answered Douglas Stuart Marker (DSM/Doug Marker)

I have answered DSM with this new article.

The article is in four sections. Parts 1-3 was posted today. Part 4 will be posted in the next couple of days.

Part I – Your introduction to Mr. Doug Marker.

Part II – The charges and claims against me as written and put on the internet by Mr. Doug Marker. These are screen shots only.

Part III – An analysis of those charges and claims against me. A few screen shots mostly text.

Replaced Part IV with a short update.

I put in a very short concluding condensation of the main points of the article.

So a quick recap:

01) DSM writes hate speech about me from around June-July 2012 up to the time you read this.

02) DSM posts some emails on ECN claiming to come from me but gets no response.

03) DSM posts two comments on ECN about Roger Green and his latest license offering with Japan, material that was only available via email from Roger and had not been posted anywhere on the internet.

04) I post my first article about the new Roger Green offering, with a mention to a Doug Marker. With no connection to DSM or ECN.

05) DSM writes a comment slamming me with false accusations.

06) DSM continues to post hate speech towards me over the next few days.

07) DSM claims he sent me emails, but it turns out to be a phony email address.

08) DSM claims he sent emails to many people about me, including Peter Gluck, but none of them contacted me.

09) Peter Gluck sent an email about his latest story to his list, both a Doug Marker and myself are on that list. It is an open list, you can see the peoples email addresses.

10) Both Peter Gluck and I exchange emails, but Peter does not mention DSM.

11) I write and post this article.

I hope this clarifies the trash being put up on ECN by DSM.

Here is direct link to my answer to DSM/DSM2/Doug/Doug Marker

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 23, 2013


We just posted an article that is an update to our original update article here:

Andrea Rossi & Roger Green Fraud & Scam Update

Here is a link to the new update to the update:

Fraud Update to the Fraud Update – $1.00 a share for Roger Green e-Cat Stocks

Here are some interesting comments from the new article:

We wonder when and how long it will be before Andrea Rossi and Roger Green are on Oprah Winfrey for their “Lance Armstrong” moment?

  • Roger Green in the “Pink Sheets?” E-Cat stocks are now only $1.00 each.
  • Roger Green, on his own website, links to the shutdownrossi.com Andrea Rossi video, that was first posted on the internet at the shutdownrossi.com website.

Many more facts and copies of new website pages about the Roger Green and Andrea Rossi fraud and scam.

And we conclude with:

It is very sad that Mr. Green has to resort to the generous nature and kindness inherent in most people to try and raise funds for his fraud and scam.  You cannot be much more despicable than this.  Rossi has promised to give 40% of his earnings to children with cancer, but after claiming he has sold over 13 e-Cats at $1.5mil each, he has not spent one dime on them.  And now you, Mr. Green, say you will “lift whole continents out of poverty,” with non-existent e-Cats, just to get gullible people to invest in your project, this is about as low as you can go.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 20, 2013


We have posted an update to two articles here on this website.

As Rossi’s e-Cat is barely staying alive on life support, and long time friends and bloggers are losing interest, and closing down blogs, Mr. Roger Green is trying to cash in as the e-Cat gasps its last few breaths, to try and recoup his money back, leaving these last few rounds of investors holding the bag.

What you will find is that Roger Green and Andrea Rossi have reached a new low.
They are selling “shares” in a Japan organization that does not exist yet, to buy a “license” that does not exist yet, and the “license” is for products that do not exist, have never existed, and will never exist.

This article is an update to two articles – here are the links to those articles:

More Legal Fraud in Rossi Farce

The details in the article “More Legal Fraud in Rossi Farce” related to violations of law and the fraudulent use of signatures claiming to be the signature of Mr. Andrea Rossi, when it clearly is/was not.  We add another signature to that article.

E-Cat Australia Roger Green

The article “E-Cat Australia Roger Green” was a shining light on the details of how Mr. Green and Mr. Rossi carried on their fraud and scam including the posting of over 100 emails. We have emails from Mr. Roger Green on this update also but the documents speak for themselves so posting the emails is not required.

Italy, through history has been the source of much to be proud of, so Italy today must be very proud that one of their very own has the largest cold fusion/LENR fraud and scam going on the planet today.

Here is a link to the complete new article that is updating the articles mentioned above. It includes copies of all the talked about documents for your viewing pleasure.

Andrea Rossi & Roger Green Fraud & Scam Update

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 19, 2013


Mr. Dan Glover admits putting lawyer on business card was wrong

There is now an up date to our page:

Sterling Allan (PESN) & John Rohner (Inteligentry) More Fraud and Scams – Part 1

here is the link –

Update on the Mr. John Rohner (Inteligentry) Fraud

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 16, 2013


Has 22 Steps of Love Given up on Rossi?

The following comments were taken from the website of Daniele Passerini.

It is possible this is all a joke, but you never know.

Please read the short article here –  Has 22 Steps of Love Given up on Rossi?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 14, 2013



Bob Rohner Seems a Little Confused

We write an answer to the criticism of Mr. Bob Rohner.

Please read the latest post about that here.  Bob Rohner Seems a Little Confused

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 12, 2013


CES – Inteligentry – Mr. John P. Rohner – Photos – No Working Engine

Read the complete new story here:

Sterling Allan (PESN) & John Rohner (Inteligentry) More Fraud and Scams – Part 1

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
January 11, 2013


Update – Dr. Christian Schumacher just published part III and the final section on his story of Andrea Rossi and the e-Cat.  Crystal clear as usual, touching all of the major points, with a great sense of the total picture.

You can read his article here at this location in the invisible matrix, bringing words and visions into you computer.

Is the e-cat real III. The Scientific basis – Why scientists question the e-cat

Dr. Christian Schumacher just published part II of his very good history of the e-Cat and Andrea Rossi.  You an read about it here on his website:

Is the e-cat real II. The fading dream for free and abundant energy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 24, 2012


Gary Wright has replied to Dr. Peter Gluck’s new article here:

Gary’s Reply to Peter Gluck

“We did NOT say we have any desire to take anyone to court over anything, we just said that we would be happy to defend ourselves in court if someone else thought they might want to challenge our statements and/or claims by that method.”

“What is the reason you would make such a statement?  One that is so very easily contradicted? Since you have no proof for the claims made by Andrea Rossi, are you just making things up as you go along, so you can continue to believe in your own e-cat fantasy?”

To read the complete article just follow the white rabbit.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 22, 2012



Rossi 1 Year Later

Read the short new article that says:

Now if any person would like to challenge our claims above we would be happy to meet you in court.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 18, 2012


Our Challenge to Mr. Christos Stremmenos

Since Gary Wright has been banned from the JONP we are publishing this article here.

To the Readers of the Journal Of Nuclear Physics:

I am sorry you all had to read the over 2,000 word, confused and rambling version of cold fusion as seen through the eyes of the Greek version of Mr. Hank Mills USA, Mr. Christos Stremmenos.

The reputation and critical thinking ability of Mr. Christos Stremmenos has been in question ever since he got caught up in the fraud and scam of Mr. Andrea Rossi, through his friend Mr. Sergio Focardi, another “scientist” who has also suffered the loss of his reputation and critical thinking ability, after meeting and working with the con-artist, scammer, and fraudster, Mr. Andrea Rossi, and his e-Cat Farce.

To read the complete article please go here on our website:


Our Challenge to Mr. Christos Stremmenos

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 19, 2012


Help US Stop Fraud and Scams in Science and Technology

Gary has put out a plea for help in writing his new article for a major science magazine.  Gary says:

“We are putting together an article to be submitted to a major science magazine for publication, and you can help.

Since John Rohner has now violated his fiduciary duty as leader of all three of his corporations, by lying and misrepresenting his technology, no licensee is honor bound by any clause in any contracts, licensee agreements,  or NDAs made with John Rohner or any of his companies.

We are writing an article about the current status of Cold Fusion/LENR and Noble Gas engines.  To make this article as complete as possible we need copies of any and all contracts, NDSs, license agreements, or any other type of document with any of these three companies:

  • Inteligentry, Ltd.
  • PlasmERG, Inc.
  • PTP Licensing, Ltd.

If you have copies of any of these documents and would like to help us in this article please provide copies of these documents to Gary Wright.”

Please read the complete article here:

We Need Copies of Papers From Inteligentry & John Rohner Licensees

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 15, 2012


Sterling Allan Involved in Scam on 12-04-2012

 Sterling Allan is doing the same thing he is accusing others of doing.

Running a scam based on “free energy.”  See the comparisons of the two scams:

a)     They both are promoting products that do not exist.  You must build them from plans.
b)     They both are based on overunity, “free energy.”
c)     One requires a donation before sending plans, the other provides plans first but then asks for donations.
d)     They both are based on devices that cannot work, and any scientist or engineer would tell you that.
e)     They both are based on scams and fraud.
f)     One honors a money back guarantee the other asks for donations with no way to get your money back.
g)     Both claim to have working devices that have powered homes.  No verification of that claim exists for either.
h)     They both are involved in false advertizing.
i)     They both have a long history of similar frauds and scams in the past.

You must read the new article here:

Fraud Alert!! PESN Sterling Allan Involved in Scam on 12-04-2012

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
December 05, 2012


Gary Wright put up a new story. you can read it here:

 Are Inteligentry Engines and e-Cats Brochureware?

Gary ends his short story like this:

If John has a working Noble Gas Engine as he claims, and it will be demonstrated at the December 11, 2012 show, and if John has the organization of manufacturers in place as he claims, then Andrea Rossi might as well pack up his marbles (e-Cats) and go home.

But then again, after four years of vaporware and brochureware, if John Rohner via Inteligentry does not come through with a working engine at this show in two weeks, then I will actively put John Rohner on my confirmed list of scammers and fraudsters.

(Added December 1, 2012.  Just for a point of clarification.  This working engine must prove John’s claim that he has an engine that uses a very small amount of electricity that in turn creates a plasma in some Noble gas that powers an engine that produces 150 HP.  If John just hooks up an electric motor to a battery or the mains, and lets that run during the show that will prove nothing. John say this on his website:

“How the Plasmic Transition Process(tm) system works.

    To start this discussion, this Engine is not, just as the original Papp engine was not, a Pulsed Plasma motor.  Plasma is not retained and pulsed as many others have stated. The plasma is recreated with each power stroke and returns to a steady state gas on each return stroke thus the name Plasmic Transition Process . The initial power event and creation of plasma, for expansion, is derived from a actuation event within the cylinder, a very high voltage ball, similar to a lightning ball, is created at Top Dead Center (TDC) which creates a Plasmic Transition, expansion of 5 to 1, which is contained in a sealed cylinder thus pushing the Piston and rotating the crankshaft system.
In a single cylinder engine there are only 3 moving parts so the addition of a flywheel is required to provide the kinetic energy to complete the non powered cycle. There is no need to recycle electrons from one cylinder to another unless you are looking for a perpetual motion machine.
This is a new system that crosses the previous borders the science of Physics as it is part Fusion, fission and plasma working together utilizing elements of each to the advantage of the result. this result is power.
The output Torque is steady over the range of the Rotation of the engine, roughly 400 Ft Lbs in a 500 CC engine, at any engine rotational speed. So Horse Power is a straight rising line… As a Pilot it intrigues me how the 1 liter Twin, which makes about the same power as a six cylinder internal combustion engine, but with 1/4 the weight, could be on a personal aircraft that could fly, even at 90 miles an hour, across the ocean and then turn around and fly back. Put a good “auto pilot” in and kick back and relax in your own space.”


Everyone, no matter how far out their claims, should have their day in court, so to speak.  They should have the opportunity to present their claims to be evaluated and tested.  The world has been waiting for hundreds of years for a small free energy device that can transform this sea of energy in which we are all immersed into a source of unlimited, usable energy coming through that device without meters or control by others.  That day will come, the only question is when, and who will bring us the actual working device, this Holy Grail?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 30, 2012


Gary just published an article about Rossi making e-Cats in Florida here:

62+ Quotes Rossi making e-Cats in Factory in Florida, USA


Gary just published a page with 110+ quotes by Rossi about Gamma Rays and Transmutations, you can read here:

110+ Quotes by Rossi about Gamma Rays and Transmutations



Gary just received this e-mail from Peter Gluck.

At the end of the e-mail Peter says:
“As far as Gary is not the Ruler of the LENR field, I hope he will apologize for his dictatorial manner.”

First of all Gary never said people should not talk about Rossi.
What Gary did say was that HOW people talk about Rossi clearly puts them into one of two classes, either for or against Rossi and his fraud and scam.

There is much evidence with supporting facts that clearly show that the e-Cat project of Andrea Rossi is nothing but a fraud and scam.

While at the same time there is NO evidence or facts to show that what Andrea Rossi is doing is true legitimate science and technology, based on CF/LENR.

Gary repeats again from his article:

Why do you think Rossi, on his blog, never objects about anyone when they use disclaimers when they are talking or writing about Rossi and the e-Cat?  It is real simple, it is because they become Rossi’s puppets, his disciples, his pawns, they are encouraging and promoting Rossi, sometimes without even knowing it.

Just go back and look on Rossi’s blog, at all of those times when Rossi really goes ballistic and attacks someone, calling them snakes and clowns, usually by using all caps, it only happens when someone calls a spade a spade, and tells the truth about Rossi and his e-Cat fraud and scam.  And the reason that is the only time he does it, is because he knows that is the only type of writing or speaking that can do him any harm, by shining the light on the details of his scam and showing how his fraud operation is constructed and is being played out on the real life stage.

You can read PETER GLUCK’S EMAIL and our reply here.


OK – Here we go again.  Gary has written more about ICCF-17 and Tyler.

This time though Gary is including links for streaming videos of three never shown before full length videos taken during the ICCF-17 conference.  The three presentations you can watch here on this site include:
The Nagel talk. The Frank Gordon talk. And the Tyler talk.
Here are some highlights of the new article:

Why did we publish the article “Tyler van Houwelingen Apologetics for Rossi”?

Mike McKubre says 1st Rossi 1MW customer was not US military.

If you write articles, books, stories, have websites or produce videos that basically contain a lot of what “Rossi says or what other people say about Rossi,” or if you speak in videos, at seminars or conferences, on the radio, TV or the internet about what “Rossi says or what other people say about Rossi,”  even if you use disclaimers, than you are promoting, encouraging, and supporting Rossi.

On one side you have those who promote, ally with, and encourage Rossi by being “for Rossi,” “being neutral,” or “being a partner”; on the other side you have those that speak out against Rossi.  The fence separating the two sides is so narrow and so tall now, that no person can walk it.

Nagel also promoted Roger Green and his e-Cat site for a place where people can go to get a good comparative economic evaluation of an e-Cat.  Please see our analysis of the Roger Green part in Rossi’s scam here.

Peter Hagelstein, “Interesting presentation, I heard presentations something like this before…and I walk away scratching my head a little bit, in terms of facts some of the things that you presented I might disagree with a little bit…one of these days somebody ought to put in some time and effort to get a version of this thing that actually is correct.”

Then Tyler asked Peter, “my email is on there…send me the changes.”

Peter Hagelstein, “Well it would probably start from the beginning and include almost everything all the way to the end…”

This what Nagel is saying now about Rossi:

“…Rossi apparently did experiments in 2007-2009 when he had the first demonstration that I am aware of, which was in the US, I worked with him on two demonstrations in 2010, both of which failed, with Rossi…”

And much, much more, read all about it by clicking on the link below.

More on Tyler & Are the Leaders of ISCMNS Supporters of Rossi’s Scam?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 29, 2012


Tyler van Houwelingen Apologetics for Rossi

An analysis of Tyler’s “Is Commercial Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) The Real Deal?”

You can read the complete story here:  Tyler van Houwelingen Apologetics for Rossi

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
November 14, 2012


Rossi’s EPO Patent Denied

“The examination of the above-identified application has revealed that it does not meet the requirements of the European Patent Convention for the reasons enclosed herewith”

Please read the complete story with copies of the EPO documents at the above link.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 29, 2012


Patent Wars Comparing Patents of Francesco Piantelli & Andrea Rossi

This is just a heads up about what we are working on.

The patent of Francesco Piantelli has almost been issued and the patent of Andrea Rossi was denied, by the EPO.

We are writing a story comparing the two patents and clarifying why one is being approved and why one was rejected.

Stay tuned, it should be posted by tomorrow.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 29, 2012


Please have patience while we redesign the website.
Some of the material will be missing for awhile.
But it will all be put back up shortly.
Hope you like the new design.


Here are some of the changes to the new site:

  • We moved to a new hosting company.
  • We also are now protected 24/7 w/Sucuri.
  • Click on the Sucuri image on the right for a test of this site.
  • There are 3 ways to find information. Nav buttons – Page list on each page – Site Map/Topical Index.
  • There is now a place where you can make a DONATION TO HELP WITH OUR PROJECTS

We are bringing news and facts about people who are scammers, fraudsters, and swindlers.
Just click on the PayPal symbol on the right side of any page.


Gary also provided an update on Rossi’s Thermoelectric DOD/DOE Scam, a new page was started HERE.

We have provided a new  Site Map – Topical Index  to help everyone find the information they are looking for a little easier. This Site Map is always available at the top of the list of pages on the right side of each page.

Fire Sale on e-Cat licenses! Down to only $10,000.
Please see the last of the Roger Green emails HERE.

Please people if you value your hard earned money – don’t give Mr. Roger Green or Mr. Andrea Rossi one dollar in their e-Cat scam and fraud, you will never get your money back, unless you sell something to some other poor sucker as Mr. Roger Green is doing.

And please don’t forget we still have the SGS and Thermoelectric investigations coming up in the next few weeks.  And more on Mr. Rossi’s patent applications is coming soon.  Our patent attorney in Italy has told us to just wait until the USPTO and the EP results are in, then poor Mr. Rossi will have no exclusive patent protection (maybe none at all) even in Italy.  Please stay tuned as they say.

NEW –  ALL claims in the Inteligentry Noble Gas Patent Rejected by the USPTO.

Misleading comments posted on the Inteligentry.com website prompted us to provide an UPDATED-REVISED-EXPANDED article on the rejection of all 18 claims in the John Rohner Noble gas engine patent application. Please read the latest version, even if you read the first one, because three more complete patents are included that were referenced by the patent examiner.

First of all we never said that the patent application was dead.  But we also think Mr. John Rohner’s statements above were worded to be deliberately misleading.  Mr. Rohner is trying to give the impression that because the original patent was spit into two patents, then all of the latest comments by the patent examiner were to explain just how Mr. Rohner must revise his patent application accordingly. Nothing could be further from the truth.  But Mr. Rohner has now muddied the waters by stirring them up with these misleading statements.  Here is the truth of the situation.  We will provide what has happened at every step of the way, working forwards.

The article includes the patent examiner’s comments and reasons why  the claims were rejected by the patent examiner, and the 163 page patent file. Read the story  HERE

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
October 3, 2012


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
fraud n.
1. A deception practiced in order to induce another to give up possession of property or surrender a right.
2. A piece of trickery; a trick.
3a. One that defrauds; a cheat.
3b. One who assumes a false pose; an impostor.

v. swin·dled, swin·dling, swin·dles
1. To cheat or defraud of money or property.
2. To obtain by fraudulent means: swindled money from the company.
To practice fraud as a means of obtaining money or property.
The act or an instance of swindling.

Sometimes it is helpful to read  definitions from more than one source – so we also give you these definitions.
From – http://dictionary.reference.com/
1. deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
2. a particular instance of such deceit or trickery: mail fraud; election frauds.
3. any deception, trickery, or humbug: That diet book is a fraud and a waste of time.
4. a person who makes deceitful pretenses; sham; poseur.

verb (used with object)
1. to cheat (a person, business, etc.) out of money or other assets.
2. to obtain by fraud or deceit.
verb (used without object)
3. to put forward plausible schemes or use unscrupulous trickery to defraud others; cheat.
4. an act of swindling or a fraudulent transaction or scheme.
5. anything deceptive; a fraud: This advertisement is a real swindle.

1. a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.
verb (used with object)
2. to cheat or defraud with a scam.

This website has tried to show with clear and convincing evidence that Mr. Rossi and his e-Cat Farce clearly comes under the definitions as shown above.  If the public and those in the cold fusion/LENR field refuse to open their eyes and minds to look at the truth, there is no hope for them.  At least we have done all we could to shine a little light on the methods and practices of Mr. Rossi, his partners, and the scientists, engineers, and others supporting his fraud and swindle – the e-Cat – Hot Cat – Classic Cat or anything else you want to to call it.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 17, 2012


As you can see the new theme is: Rossi & e-Cat a Scam/Fraud or True – You Decide

It is the People who will Decide – History just records their decision!

It is the people who will decide if they want to allow Mr. Rossi to continue his scam and fraud.  And yes, History will record their decision for all time.

a) What effect do you think it has on the struggling field of cold fusion/LENR every time a writer writes about this? It is very rare that an article is written that does not include comments about Mr. Rossi’s scam and fraud.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all the articles could be about the legitimate cold fusion/LENR projects and people? Imagine how fast the public perception of this field would turn around.  Funding would increase exponentially.  People on the fence would jump off and start to become a part of this growing field.  More well known scientists would get involved because this black eye had been healed, and the junk science label would gradual go away.  But these good things will not happen as long as people like Mr. Andrea Rossi are running their scams and swindles, who wants to be a part of that?

b) Here is another example of how Mr. Rossi is hurting the cold fusion/LENR field: We want to start up the Open Source LENR Project, ( a non commercial project), please see the website for what that is all about.  But it is clear to us that it would be futile to start that project as long as the cold fusion/LENR community is allowing Mr. Rossi to continue his scam and fraud.

c) And of course you ask, why do you say – “as long as the cold fusion/LENR community is allowing Mr. Rossi to continue his scam and fraud.”  Because they are the ones who has supported Mr. Rossi from the very beginning.  If it had not been for the scientists – who because of dollar signs in their eyes did not do their job as true scientists – Mr. Rossi’s e-cat project would have died long before the first public demonstration.

d) Now is the time to stand up and do the right thing, everyone in the cold fusion/LENR community must become a voice to force Mr. Rossi to either “put up or shut up.”  They must publicly call for a true 3rd party independent validation of the technology that Mr. Rossi is claiming since the first day he contacted Mr. Focardi, (in 206/07?).  It has been that long, over 5 years, enough is enough. And as we can see by the September Licensee Conference his scam is slowly growing.

e) Every scientist who has supported Mr. Rossi in the past must come forward and call for the test or publicly state they are removing their support.

f) Why do you think Mr. Rossi is getting engineers instead of scientists to sign his latest reports?

g) The investigation into the depths of the Mr. Andrea Rossi e-Cat Farce – that is a scam and a fraud – is continuing.  Stay Tuned.

Sergio Focardi, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?
Giuseppe Levi, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?
Christos Stremmenos, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?
David Bianchini, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?
Roland Pettersson, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?
Sven Kullander, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?
Hanno Essén, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?
Brian Josephson, where do you stand on the Mr. Rossi e-Cat scam and fraud today?

Can all of you people say with out a doubt, that by true 3rd party independent testing, you know for a fact that all of the claims by Mr. Rossi are true? And if you do not know that is a fact, by a true 3rd party independent test, than please explain to the whole world why you are still supporting his scam and fraud?

Very few people have witnessed a test of an e-Cat, even fewer participated in one.  Therefore when asked, the first and foremost, major reason people give for believing in Mr. Rossi and the e-Cat is the fact that all of you people, listed above, have supported Mr. Rossi in the past, even without the proper 3rd party independent validation of his claims.

Now that all of you are locked into your first position, are all of you afraid for your reputations, or are you still hoping something might eventually come from this (tons of money), is this what is preventing you from standing up and publicly proclaiming you might have been wrong in the past, and telling Mr. Rossi he cannot use your name for his scam and fraud any longer?

Andrea Rossi
September 9th, 2012 at 6:07 PM
Warm Regards,
Andrea Rossi

Yes, but Mr. Rossi that is exactly what you are doing when you deceive, fool, and trick these good men, and then use their good name to continue your fraud and scam.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 15, 2012


SGS Corporate Security – No Certification for Rossi

It has just been confirmed by SGS Corporate Security that Mr. Andrea Rossi and his two companies DO NOT have any certifications from SGS.  To read the story please click on this link HERE.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 12, 2012

Rossi’s Lies to Investors about SGS Certification

UPDATE #1 to our story “SGS Corporate Security – No Certification for Rossi”
Mr. Rossi is claiming that an SGS “Voluntary Safety Certificate” is on the way.
We show why that would be totally worthless for the required mandatory certification as required by law.

This update to the article is posted as a sub-document under the menu above, click on the arrow next to the tab “SGS Corporate Security – No Certification for Rossi”  Or you can read it  HERE.


Rossi Cons Mats Lewan Again?

But the REAL story is why Magnus Holm, CEO Hydrofusion

was not at the Licensee Conference in Zurich.

Please read the story HERE.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 9, 2012


A new webpage – Rossi’s Partners & Investors

After some prodding from a friend and watching the dog and pony show in Zurich this weekend, the time has come to start webpages here for each of the Partners & Investors in the fraud and scam called the Mr. Andrea Rossi e-Cat Farce.  This page will be a work in progress adding new pages and information as time permits.  Each page will be a sub page in the drop down menu of this page.  On the tab for this page click on the arrow to go to each individual page.  You can go to the main page HERE.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 9, 2012




After reading the reports provided by Mr. Rossi from Zurich today:

Since it is clear that is one of the worst set of papers to try to pass off as a scientific test, by anyone, I had to ask myself why would Mr. Rossi put out such junk?

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 8, 2012


Why the e-Cat is a Religion

When the sale to the US Government failed, that is when Focardi/Rossi came up with the plan to go public.  That happened in January 2011, and we all know what happened after that.  That also is when the e-Cat religion started.  You see for Mr. Rossi it has always been an e-Cat Farce, not a religion, and it still is for him.

As people became aware of Mr. Rossi and the e-Cat Farce they started looking at Mr. Rossi as some kind of savior, some kind of guru.  The people created the religion, not Mr. Rossi.  Of course once he saw what was going on he fed the flames, and now he is basking in the glow.

Click on this link to read the complete story – HERE.


DOD/DOE – Cold Fusion/LENR Secrecy Policy


Just to set the record straight:

My name is Gary Wright, this is my website.

I am the one who filed the complaint with the Florida BRC.

And just for everyone’s information – no I am not Steven B. Krivit, no matter what the Master Criminal, the Guru and Leader of his Disciples, the Prophet of the new Religion – e-Cat, the Second Rate Fraudster and Con Artist, Mr. Andrea Rossi says and puts on his blog.

If you have any questions you know how to contact me.


We need help in recording the live feed of the September 8 & 9 conference of e-cat license holders.

The German partner in the scam and fraud with Mr. Andrea Rossi has a link on their website where they say the up and coming September conference will be live streamed.  Everyone should record this and post it on YouTube or here on this website for the whole world to see this scam in operation. Here is the link to the live feed.   http://www.ecat-deutschland.org/index.php/live-stream

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 3, 2012


Scientists/Journalists Critical of Rossi
We will list here as many scientists, journalists, and engineers we can find, who have made public and critical statements concerning Mr. Andrea Rossi and/or his e-cat.  The statements will come in two forms, those that are dismissive of Mr. Rossi and his claims, and those who just say we need true 3rd party independent testing before we will come to a definitive decision.
Part 1 Those dismissive of Mr. Rossi and his claims.
Part 2 Those calling for a true 3rd party independent testing of the e-cat technology, and Mr. Rossi’s claims.

Please help us fill out this page.  You can read the post HERE.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
September 3, 2012


Dr. Christian Schumacher on the Roger Green & Robert K. E-mails

Read what Dr. Christian Schumacher had to say about our article with the e-mail exchange between Mr. Roger Green and Mr. Robert K.

You can read that article HERE.


Update on Rossi’s EPO Patent Application

Herbert Muller, a German, sent in three papers to the EPO in support of the patent pending of Mr. Andrea Rossi’s European patent application.

Read the full story HERE.


More Legal Fraud in Rossi Farce

This is a story about forged signatures.  Who is conning who here?

This time the fraud is rising to the level of criminal acts in the forging of signatures on legal documents.  As a matter of fact from the current research both Leonardo Corporations are null and void.  The New Hampshire Leonardo Corporation went into default in 2004 and has never been legally renewed, so anything done via that corporation since April 1, 2004, is null and void.
The Florida Leonardo Corporation was created by fraud, therefore since its inception it has never been legal – from day one anything done via or through that corporation is also null and void.

Read the full story HERE.


On the new tab — Random Thoughts by Gary Wright
What would be really great – is if some person secretly video taped every meeting coming up at the September licensee gathering, just so they would have evidence that Mr. Rossi is lying to them.  Just a CYA for themselves when the fan gets all clogged up, and the cops come knocking on their door.  But to be really useful as a means of protection, they should post it on YouTube, just holding on to it would be worthless.  We would be happy to stream it here. Pass the word. August 17, 2012

This is an open call for anyone involved in the Mr. Andrea Rossi/ Mr. Roger Green e-cat Farce to come forward, provide us with original information to help shut this operation down.

Help us get the real cold fusion/LENR projects off the ground and out to the people.


In Honor of Martin Fleischmann

I am saddened by the death of Martin Fleischmann. It was always my hope and desire that a working commercial cold fusion/LENR device would be available to the public, thereby forcing the world to give a Noble prize to both Fleischmann and Pons, before anything like this happened.  But that was not to be.  Hopefully it will happen at least for Mr. Pons.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
August 5, 2012


Some readers of this site seem to think that just because we talk about both the fraud and the Farce of Mr. Andrea Ross and his partners, that suggests or means that we are confused. That cannot be farther from the truth. Let us explain.  Life is just a game and a Farce to Mr. Andrea Rossi, he moves from one play (Petroldragon) to another (e-cat). When the curtain comes down on this current Farce (e-cat), and he is walking the streets again, Mr. Andrea Rossi will just raise the curtain on his latest play (Farce) (subject – who knows?).  That is all Mr. Andrea Rossi knows, that is who he IS.

If Mr. Andrea Rossi and his partners just talked about his game and Farce then their actions are just what is called a hoax.  The ongoing e-cat Farce (game or play) of Mr. Andrea Rossi and his partners becomes a fraud when they start using the acts (videos-documents-websites) of the Farce (game or play) to do things that are illegal. Providing false information in a patent application is a crime, (fraud).  Selling licenses for rights to sell fake and nonexistent products (props) of the Farce (game and play), is a crime and is fraud – when these products (props) of the Farce (game and play), are presented as being real and true, and not just the (props) they really are.

So just like light and matter can exhibit properties of both waves and particles – Mr. Rossi and his partners can be involved in his Farce and in fraud at the same time.  Mr. Andrea Rossi and his partners are using the e-cat Farce for the material and the method to comment the fraud.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
August 10, 2012


Fraud in 2012 – e-cat Australia – Roger Green & Andrea Rossi

  • Andrea Rossi

    I received some emails asking what can I say of a site of a guy who says his name is Gary Wright, who is an appassionate attacker of the work of mine and of our employees: as most of you know, we have very good intelligence, for obvious reasons, therefore here is the information:
    Gary Wright is not a person, it is a pseudonym of….THE SNAKE !!!!
    This coward knows that we are preparing a suit for him, therefore has invented the pseudonym Gary Wright to continue his work, which consists in getting money in change of the attempt to discredit out work. If you search Gary Wright, you will easily discover this, as our intelligence friends did. He is paid full time to discredit our work because his puppeteers are strongly worried about our work.
    And they are right. Their mistake has been to pay an imbecile like this: there are around much better puppet-snakes. For a fee I could suggest tens of them.
    Andrea Rossi

Everything always for a fee – is the mindset of a con-artist. Gary Wright


  • Andrea Rossi

    Dear Giovanni Guerrini:
    Now I explain a tragi-comic behaviour of the Snake: since now everybody knows that “Gary Wright” is the Snake, he changed mask: now he is Charles Branson !!!! With this name he contacted a licensee of us and saying he was making a due diligence to buy a plant, he obtained instructions manual and various information: basically, he is making espionage for the company that pays him, using the name of Charles Branson !!!! Of course all this magnificent shit has enriched the Attorney Docket we are preparing. We have been able to bind the name of the snake to this operation , we got evidence of it by means of our intelligence system.
    Warm Regards,
    p.s. Maybe Charles Branson has to be informed that the snake is using his name to make industrial espionage. We can give to his Attorney the evidence of this.

Mr. Rossi – “we have very good intelligence, for obvious reasons, therefore here is the information…       Gary Wright is not a person, it is a pseudonym of….THE SNAKE !!!!”

Now maybe Mr. Rossi would like to publish this verifying information for all to see.  Or maybe we will get to read all about it just about the same time Mr. Rossi will disclose his secret catalyst, or his scientific theory, or the location of his secret factories, or the 3rd party test results with the verification from some major authentic science lab or university, or – must I go on?


The complete video, exactly as received, is now back up for viewing on the video page.

Mr. Andrea Rossi is now going into what is known as damage control.  Here is what you can expect to see over the next few weeks and months.  More and more people will start coming to Mr. Rossi’s defense, some out of loyalty, some out of ignorance, and some for the money.  You will start hearing more and more claims about what people have seen and witnessed, and about what is going to happen in the near future.

But, and this is much more important then all of the speeches, blogs, and writings that will be praising Mr. Andrea Rossi as the savior of mankind, having the technology to free mankind from the evils of this world, (in the style of Mr. Rossi), YOU WILL NEVER SEE A TRUE 3RD PARTY INDEPENDENT TEST OF ANY OF HIS DEVICES. No one will be able to prove the e-cats of Mr. Rossi work as claimed.  All that will happen is more talk and more talk.  Because that is all Mr. Rossi has – an imaginary invention.  You can not test some device that only exists inside of Mr. Rossi’s head.


Why do you do these things?
What things?
These ridiculous… the things you do!
I hope to add some measure of grace to the world.
The world’s a dung heap and we are maggots that crawl on it!
My Lady knows better in her heart.
What’s in my heart will get me halfway to hell.
And you, Señor Don Quixote-you’re going to take such a beating!
Whether I win or lose does not matter.
What does?
Only that I follow the quest.
That for your Quest!
What does that mean… quest?
It is the mission of each true knight…
His duty… nay, his privilege!
To dream the impossible dream,
To fight the unbeatable foe,
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go;
To right the unrightable wrong.

To love, pure and chaste, from afar,
To try, when your arms are too weary,
To reach the unreachable star!

This is my Quest to follow that star,
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far,
To fight for the right
Without question or pause,
To be willing to march into hell
For a heavenly cause!

And I know, if I’ll only be true
To this glorious Quest,
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I’m laid to my rest.

And the world will be better for this,
That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
Still strove, with his last ounce of courage,
To reach the unreachable stars!

(The Quest Gary Wright is on is his Open Source LENR Project© of course)
[from Man of La Mancha (Don Quixote) Soundtrack]

We started this website, it seems so long ago, for two reasons.

The first reason:
There is a new science slowly emerging to the level of commercial applications, we call this new, but really old science; Low Energy – Low Temperature – Atomic & Nuclear Interactions. Others have called this new science, Cold Fusion/LENR. It is hard enough, on its own, getting this new science out of the lab and into people’s homes. Remember what happened to Mr. Fleischmann and Mr. Pons in 1989 and thereafter; it has been a long hard road to travel over, ever since that time. The last thing we need while developing this new science is for confidence men, hosers, flimflammers, and shammers creating bad press by offering for sale devices or licenses for devices that do not exist, and do not operate as claimed, and who refuse 3rd party independent testing of their devices, while at the same time claiming that their technology stems from this new emerging science.  When people go public with their claims relating to this new science, saying they have commercial products for sale, then we have the right to evaluate their claims and publish our findings.  When we publish a finding on this website the people we write about always have the right to send us any corrections, or additional material they feel is relevant. But to this day no one directly involved has sent us any corrections, or comments, so our published statements stand as written.


The second reason:
To bring people’s attention to the Mr. Andrea Rossi, e-cat Farce. Hopefully to provide enough real facts in a format easy to understand, so people can make intelligent decisions why NOT to invest in one of Mr. Andrea Rossi’s e-cats or a license to sell e-cats.  Mr. Andrea Rossi is the only person at this time that is claiming he is manufacturing e-cat devices for sale, based on this new emerging science.  We have looked very closely at Mr. Rossi’s claims and found them wanting, lacking the most fundamental proofs required of any new technology, and this includes claims by Mr. Rossi and his partners that the e-cat devices actually work as claimed, even though Mr. Rossi has put on many dog and pony shows attempting to provide proof of this, but still without doing the most basic independent tests, that would be required for verification.  We think Mr. Andrea Rossi should admit publicly that he does not have anything like he claims, quit selling licenses, refund all money to those who have purchased a license, and if he wants to work in this field, do his work quietly and without the fanfare, pomp, hullabaloo, grandiosity, and frippery that is his trademark during his demonstrations, interviews, and on his blog, until such time – that he provides true independent 3rd party verification of his devices and claims.

People seem to think that they can just separate Mr. Andrea Rossi and his e-cat Farce from the rest of the cold fusion/LENR field, but that is not true, something which this article will clearly clarify. Actually the people who are doing the most damage to the whole cold fusion/LENR field are the following three classes or groups:

a.    The first group, composed of those so-called scientists, engineers, bloggers, and news writers  who are standing behind Mr. Andrea Rossi and his e-cat Farce are the main problem. The most common reason given today by most people, stating why they still believe that Mr. Rossi’s project is not a Farce, but is a real program and that Mr. Rossi has devices that operate as he claims, base their beliefs on the sayings and writings of this group.  The people who still believe, point to these scientists, engineers, bloggers, and news writers who are supporting Mr. Rossi, and say, if it were not true then why aren’t these people making public statements to the contrary? We, though, have absolutely no respect for any so-called scientist or engineer who is allowing their name, expertise, and affiliations, in supporting, endorsing, defending, or substantiating, Mr. Andrea Rossi and his e-cat Farce. Of course our thoughts on this will change as people start to distance themselves from Mr. Rossi, or provide us more proof (with independent substantiation of course). Every passing day more people of the world hold in disgust and contempt, those calling themselves scientists and engineers who continue to allow their name and association with Mr. Andrea Rossi to be used in this way. Please see the open letter to the scientists supporting Mr. Rossi below on this page.

b.    The second group, composed of those with Mr. Andrea Rossi as their prophet, leader, and guru, are also doing much damage to the field in many ways.  This includes all of those buying licenses and setting up websites to sell nonexistent e-cat products. All of these people are afraid to even ask Mr. Rossi to verify anything he says, because Mr. Rossi gets angry with those who do, and they think they will lose out on some supposed new opportunity to make untold riches.

c.    The third group hurting the field are those who are constantly doing not much, other than traveling from symposium to symposium, saying all of the same old tired things like how much we are going to benefit from this science when it takes off, etc.  We have been listening to this for 23 years now.  And sometimes maybe they give a little tiny bit of information about what they claim is happening in their labs, but not enough to really help other researchers working in the field. Want to know who these people are? Just get the listing of all of those speaking and making presentations at these conferences for the last 15 years and compare all of the names on those lists, then take the top 12 names of people who have attended the most times. Who are those supporting these people through all these years?

Are you surprised that someone would read this website and contact us?
We are the only website on the planet currently posting only factual and true facts about Mr. Andrea Rossi and his e-cat Farce today, both good and bad.

This new story began to take shape when we started receiving e-mails from a gentleman named Robert, asking us to post some information concerning Mr. Roger Green with e-cat Australia, and Mr. Andrea Rossi, (we were asked to withhold Robert’s last name, read the emails we received from him).  Robert was in negotiations with Mr. Green, and Robert thought the negotiations were over so he contacted us on the 24th, but then Mr. Roger Green contacted him again to keep the negotiations going. See all of the emails from Robert.  We therefore decided to wait until all of their negotiations were finally and completely over before posting this story. We knew that once this information hit the streets Mr. Green would not be talking to Robert any more for sure, so we decided to wait a little while longer, even after Robert said all of the communications were over. Waiting was beneficial during this period, because it allowed us to verify everything Robert was sending and telling us.

What you will learn will (or should) shock you.  You will see the inner workings of the Mr. Andrea Rossi e-cat Farce, not only that, but you will learn details about the new e-cat Australia Farce – with Mr. Roger Green at the helm.  Robert thought that the world should be aware of everything that was going on within the weird world of Mr. Andrea Rossi and the e-cat saga, and Robert thought that publishing his story might help others keep their hard earned money instead of giving it to Mr. Andrea Rossi, and his partners.

For the first time you will be able to read a copy of an actual current genuine NDA being used by those involved in this Farce.

And for those who might be following Mr. Andrea Rossi and thinking of investing – please see our analysis of the actual, current, genuine contract for a license being used by Andrea Rossi in his e-cat Farce; for the India eco zone, as negotiated with Mr. Roger Green.

You will learn how Mr. Andrea Rossi is planning on keeping this Farce going indefinitely without end and without selling any actual products.

You can watch a video showing Mr. Andrea Rossi’s latest demonstration rig used in Mr. Rossi’s e-cat Farce to try and fool investors and buyers, into thinking the e-cat is real and working as claimed.

Here now we will describe what you will find on each page.

a.    Fraud in 2012 – e-cat Australia – Roger Green & Andrea Rossi – Main Page
This is the main page with the complete text and our analysis of the 100 plus emails between Mr. Roger Green and Robert.  This is where the real story is at, here on this page.  The story is in the emails.  The operating manual, the NDA (that was never signed), the contract, and the video are just supporting information. They will only have a real impact when they are described and analyzed along with the emails. The complete story of what Mr. Roger Green and Mr. Andrea Rossi are up to is in the 100+ emails between Mr. Green and Robert.  Unfortunately just reading the emails alone would not give the true story without the analysis that is published along with them. That is why we did not just publish the emails by themselves, they have to be understood in context. As in any true story not all that is known by all of the players will be published in the story you will read now. Some information will become known at a later time and place.  One other comment about the emails, they are stored on a server that no one that is a part of this story has access to, so they are safe.  The only people who can get to all of the original emails are law enforcement, or the courts.  That is why we are posting photocopies, so Mr. Green cannot say – I never said that.

b.    E-mails
This page has a photo copy of each of the over 100 emails between Mr. Roger Green, Robert, and Mr. Gary Wright. For reference only. These will also be in png format, not text.

c.    NDA
This page has the complete NDA that Mr. Roger Green wanted Robert to sign.  He refused of course, this is covered in the emails. We will analyze this document when it comes up in the emails. There are some very interesting things about this NDA. Remember since Robert refused to sign this NDA he is not held to anything within it. Some interesting comments about privacy will be explored when we discuss this.

d.    Contract w/ Andrea Rossi
This page has a copy of the complete contract as negotiated between Mr. Roger Green and Mr. Andrea Rossi for the India eco region.  It is talked about in the emails.  It is clear there are many major problems with this document, that will be explored when it comes up in the emails.

e.    Operating Manual
This page has a copy of the 2012 1MW operating manual. Only by reading the analysis will you be able to see all that is wrong with this document.

f.    Video
This page has the complete 111 minute video, given to Robert by Mr. Roger Green, there is complete coverage about this video in the emails. The original video is over one hour, (111 minutes), and is of very poor quality.  The first part of the video is an interview in the plush offices of Andrea Rossi in downtown Bologna, Italy.  The second part of the video includes the presentation of Mr. Rossi in his “factory” or “testing laboratory” in the industrial part of Bologna, Italy; and is the presentation by Mr. Rossi of his new e-cat, with a demonstration setup that does not use hydrogen tanks. This second half includes showing the 1MW e-cat plant also.

This video will be explored in depth, at the appropriate time.

One thing that all those reading this story and these documents must fully understand, we have authentic, full and complete permission from an actual participate to publish all of the information contained in this article.  All of the information received the necessary validation to confirm it came from Robert and Mr. Roger Green owner of Eco Global Fuels USA. You must also realize all of this information was freely given by Mr. Roger Green, and in writing. And Mr. Roger Green gave Robert blanket permission to give this information to anyone Robert thought should see this information, this was in writing also. And finally remember Robert never signed a NDA as requested by Mr. Roger Green. But just to make sure we are standing with both feet firmly planted on the ground, we also claim “Fair Use” under the laws of the world, for everything presented here in this article as well.  This Mr. Andrea Rossi e-cat Farce is spreading like a plague, and shining a spotlight on the players and their operation is a worldwide public service.

Now we would not want Mr. Andrea Rossi to take this for legal advice, because it is not; but since the US Military, FBI, EPA, IC3, FTC, and other worldwide authorities are closely watching every move Mr. Rossi and his associates are making; Mr. Rossi, if he was a wise man, and to stay out of jail, would shut down his blog immediately (because it is being used in an international Farce operation), close down all websites that are claiming to sell e-cats and Mr. Rossi should post a message, that he and the Leonardo corporation are not involved in the manufacturing, selling, or marketing of e-cats anywhere in the world, until such time, of course, that Mr. Rossi provides truly independent 3rd party verification (from more than one independent source) that they work as claimed, and actually has a working product.  Eventually, Mr. Rossi, all investigations come to an end.

In the game of life as they say, Mr. Andrea Rossi it’s your move.  Better talk to your handlers Mr. Rossi, because I know for a fact you don’t know what your next move should be.  Of course the only wise thing to do would be to gather your marbles and go home. The fat lady is getting ready to sing her heart out. And the curtain always closes on every Farce, when the band plays its last chords.

And just for a teaser — you will also learn who purchased the first 6-7 1MW e-cats, according to Mr. Andrea Rossi of course.

All this and much, much more in this latest posting, to read the complete story go to the “Fraud in 2012 – e-cat Australia – Roger Green & Andrea Rossi” tab and sub tabs above or follow these links.

Fraud in 2012 – e-cat Australia – Roger Green & Andrea Rossi
Contract w/ Andrea Rossi
Operating Manual

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
July 29, 2012


How to use this website.

On the Home page you will sometimes find the latest digest of a new page, but not always.

Some things will always stay on the Home page like the wanted poster and the open letter to the scientists supporting Andrea Rossi. Every page on this website is in a state of constant change, as old things are remembered and new things are brought to light.

It is hoped the navigation tabs at the top, leading to the other pages are self explanatory. Each of those pages are designed to be a stand alone page complete within itself.  You might find it interesting to just browse those pages because each of them contains information most people are not aware of.

This site is for those who have invested money into Andrea Rossi’s e-cat Farce at any level and want to find out more about what they have invested into. This site is also for those who are just looking for more information about Andrea Rossi and his e-cat, and of course it is for those who are even thinking of investing, ordering an e-cat, or putting money into Andrea Rossi’s Farce by any method or means.

Andrea Rossi is not seeking money for research, he and his partners are selling today, licenses for manufacturing rights and marketing (sales) rights for his e-cats, Rossi also supposedly has a commercial product for sale today, the 1MW plant, (good luck getting one of those if you are not a military organization), and soon Rossi will be asking for money for home units, all of this without any real products, and without even one real, verified, 3rd party independent proof that Andrea Rossi has what he claims. You would think that since Andrea Rossi has been in the e-cat business since at least 2006/7, when he partnered with Focardi, he would have some true independent proof of his claims after six (6) years.  Providing proof would be easy to do if you had anything real, that is.

The issues and facts here on this site are not about the hope and wishes about what cold fusion/LENR can provide in the future. It is about what is real today. It’s about the very real possibility of losing money in the e-cat Farce of Andrea Rossi which benefits only Rossi and his partners at the expense of honest hard working people.
We don’t like that. Do you?


farce  (färs)n.1.
a. A light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and often slapstick elements are used for humorous effect.

Here is Andrea Rossi’s brief outline of his farce:

Andrea Rossi
November 10th, 2010 at 4:08 AM
Dear Prof. Cattani,
I made a new reading of your comment, which is deeper than it appears.

My theory is that Alice, after entering, meets the bad Queen, who forces Alice to change her personality and become Alicius, emitting a positive capacity of motherhood generation, which annichilates in the Wonderworld becoming a shining sun.

When I met Sergio Focardi I exposed to him my theory: using a particular system to raise the pressure of Hydrogen upon a target we should have a tunnelling effect, with a transmutation and a further change of the quantic state of the hydrogen’s proton into a neutron, with emission of a positron and a matter-antimetter annichilation between e+ and e-, with emission of gamma and conversion into energy of the masses of the two electrons, plus kinetic energy conservation.

Focardi told me about the work he was making and our work fused, luckily without annichilations, but with the syntesys of our theories in what has brought to the present invention.

Soon you will be able to see this movie in 3D , quite realistic. I’m sure you will be in the cast: read it in the chrystal ball.
Warmest Regards,
Yours Andrea Rossi


WHY THIS WEBSITE?      To Provide a Balance for “E-CAT ACTIVISM”

There are many and I mean many websites, or dedicated portions of websites created for the sole purpose of promoting and/or following the farce presented by Andrea Rossi and his “star” the e-Cat.  All of these sites are actively, by their very existence, helping to promote the Rossi farce.

This website is needed since the handlers of Andrea Rossi have decided to “crank it up a notch” by what I call “e-cat activism.”  Good examples of this would be the recent dog and pony show put on in Massachusetts, and the forcing of an answer to a question put to the Italian Parliament recently, about Andrea Rossi and the e-cat.

Since Andrea Rossi has stated many times he will not put on anymore dog and pony shows, (my guess is that’s because each one does more damage than good, because Andrea Rossi cannot put on a show that will prove the e-cat works as claimed), the only methods remaining for promotion are Rossi’s blog and, “e-cat activism.”

To help counteract, and provide a balance for, all of the unwarranted exposure and free publicity provided by these many websites dedicated to promoting the Andrea Rossi farce we thought it would be nice if the world could see the other side of what is going on. There is no other website that is showing the complete story like we are doing.  And we are just using simple facts available to all, or providing additional facts to back up our claims.

Now we know that showing the world the reality of the complete Andrea Rossi farce may lead some people to misunderstand our position, let us clarify that right here and now.

We believe there is safe unlimited power in the atom, that can be harnessed for all mankind, that is available through low temperature, low energy, atomic and nuclear reactions.

But we DO NOT believe the farce being presented by Andrea Rossi is going to harness and give us that power.  We also believe that every penny and minute spent on promoting the Andrea Rossi farce is a penny and minute that is holding up the true development of commercial LENR.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
June 22, 2012


“Engineering is quite different from science. Scientists try to understand nature. Engineers try to make things that do not exist in nature. Engineers stress invention. To embody an invention the engineer must put his idea in concrete terms, and design something that people can use. That something can be a device, a gadget, a material, a method, a computing program, an innovative experiment, a new solution to a problem, or an improvement on what is existing. Since a design has to be concrete, it must have its geometry, dimensions, and characteristic numbers. Almost all engineers working on new designs find that they do not have all the needed information. Most often, they are limited by insufficient scientific knowledge. Thus they study mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and mechanics. Often they have to add to the sciences relevant to their profession. Thus engineering sciences are born.”

— Yuan-Cheng (“Bert”) Fung

“People usually think that progress consists in the increase of knowledge, in the improvement of life, but that isn’t so. Progress consists only in the greater clarification of answers to the basic questions of life. The truth is always accessible to a man. It can’t be otherwise, because a man’s soul is a divine spark, the truth itself. It’s only a matter of removing from this divine spark (the truth) everything that obscures it. Progress consists, not in the increase of truth, but in freeing it from its wrappings. The truth is obtained like gold, not by letting it grow bigger, but by washing off from it everything that isn’t gold.

Whereas at present, every man, even, if free, asks himself, ” What can I do alone against all this ocean of evil and deceit which overwhelms us? Why should I express my opinion? Why indeed possess one? It is better not to reflect on these misty and involved questions. Perhaps these contradictions are an inevitable condition of our existence. And why should I struggle alone with all the evil in the world ? Is it not better to go with the stream which carries me along ? If anything can be done, it must be done not alone but in company with others.”

I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives.”

— Leo Tolstoy


At the International Scientific Conference on May 4th 2012 in Politecnico di Torino (Italy), Valerio CIAMPOLI speaking for (Francesco PIANTELLI), slams Andrea Rossi at “The Atom Unexplored Conference.”   He ended his speech with these comments:

“For the same reason it is not possible to produce a commercial product without the knowledge of all of the perimeters in the anomalous phenomenon.  All these things send away the goal.  These complex studies and investigations are not possible for an improvised laboratory.

In order to face the problem it is necessary to create a large group of qualified researchers who decide that a common working problem, for example a well calibrated project including many correlated experiments, each facing a different aspect of the problem….

The problem of unwise claims and careless technology, and the desire to be at the limelight at all costs can take us back 50 years….

Now a similar effect is taking place in this field of research because someone wants the product at every cost even if the scientific and technical knowledge are scarce and very approximate.

The media pressure is very high on us and a problem because it creates unrealistic expectations with unpredictable consequences on the possible developments.

Nobody knows how the working cycle is long and someone wants to put it inside houses and industrial plants?

I don’t know how someone can buy a product without knowing the duration and the amount of producing energy.”

[Please excuse any translation errors. I did my best. Editor]




Please see the new post in the drop down menu under The Military & Rossi.

It is called DARPA & Rossi.

Gary shows DARPA has been funding cold fusion/LENR since at least 2007.


600C e-Cat Decoded

The hot Rossi topic right now is the new latest version in the e-cat Farce.

We posted a new article about the e-cat and temperature.

Some of the best parts are toward the end so be sure and read the complete article.

First how about a little e-cat engineering?
This article was written for non scientists and engineers so all can enjoy.

Most people following the e-cat are getting excited about the new 600C e-cat and we don’t understand why.  The problem starts as always by just a hint of a new idea by Rossi on his blog, but it is just not clear what Rossi is saying, and as usual he has many conflicting statements.  Stop and think what this would mean if this is true.  And Rossi’s sole method of bringing this earth shattering information to the public is by a comment on his blog?  We don’t think so.

But before we talk about the new “high” temperature e-cat it will be very helpful to look at what Andrea Rossi said in the past concerning the temperatures in his e-cat.  In that regard we will start as far back as 2010, when Rossi is discussing the first 1 MW plant he sold and was building at that time, composed of many 20 KW smaller modules.

“We make thermal energy, the temperature depends on the amount of fluid, ranges from 40 through 550 Celsius Degrees.“  Andrea Rossi – August 30th, 2010

To read more go to the “600C e-Cat Decoded” tab above.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
July 10, 2012


No Rossi Scientific Theory – No International EPO Patent
No Home E-cat – No Certifications – More Rossi Lies

Andrea Rossi is claiming over and over that he is going to have a meeting of “licensees” in the fall of 2012 in preparation for a roll out of the home e-cat later in the winter of 2012 or even later in 2013.  And after the roll out he will publish his scientific theory about how the e-cat works. Rossi has been promising to publish his scientific theory in the near future ever since the first part of 2010.  Rossi cannot get certifications on any e-cats because there are no standards in place where he could go to get them certified, anywhere.  If Rossi claims differently he is lying.

This document will prove that those statements by Andrea Rossi are complete falsehoods and lies.

To read the rest of this article go to the “No Certifications-NoTheory-NoPatent-NoEcat” Tab above.


A new article is in the process of publication on this website it is called “Rossi’s Scientists.”  To read the introduction please go to that tab above.

An Open Letter to the Scientists Supporting Andrea Rossi

Sergio Focardi, Giuseppe Levi, Christos Stremmenos, David Bianchini,
Roland Pettersson, Sven Kullander, Hanno Essén, and Brian Josephson.

Dear Sirs:

It is with sadness that I have to address you all in this fashion.  Rather I would like to spend time discussing with you the finer discoveries happening in the scientific world.  These are exciting times.

This letter addresses your participation in, and support of the project of Andrea Rossi, called the e-cat.

I have personally evaluated every publicly available video, every news article, every interview, every original blog article and discussion from January 1, 2007 to the date of this letter that concerns the e-cat and your part in Andrea Rossi’s project, that I could find. Both in print and on the internet.  I have personally communicated with innumerable numbers of players in this field and in the media.  From PhD scientists, politicians, national media reporters, to the man in the street.

After absorbing all of this information there is only one conclusion that can be reached that fits all the facts and makes any sense to an open minded and critically thinking person.  Andrea Rossi’s e-cat program is a farce.  Andrea Rossi does not have, nor ever has had, a cold fusion/LENR device that can operate as he claims with a COP of 6, and at a power level of 10 KW to 1 MW, or even 1 KW.

The ship Andrea Rossi is on is crashing and I am showing you all a way to get in a life boat and be safe when it does.

Just stop and ask yourself one question.  Thinking carefully, ask yourself if there is even the slightest possible chance that Andrea Rossi may have rigged any demonstration you witnessed?  If so you must jump in the offered lifeboat and get to shore quick.

This is how the world sees your participation in Rossi’s e-cat project.

    1. Everyone of you, believing in Andrea Rossi and believing in each other had the wool pulled over your eyes by Andrea Rossi.
    2. The only other choice is that you are willing participants in Andrea Rossi’s e-cat farce.

Have you stopped to think what it will mean to your careers and/or reputation when Andrea Rossi’s project hits the rocks, and the complete truth becomes known, if you do not act now to prevent that?

It has already been documented on this site and many others that Andrea Rossi has continually lied, told hundreds of outright falsehoods about every aspect of his operation, that the scientific integrity of every one of Andrea Rossi’s demonstrations has been challenged, Andrea Rossi’s patent applications will never result in any patents, Andrea Rossi’s scientific papers and statements are complete gibberish, Andrea Rossi claims in his patent applications he can build an e-cat with copper powder and hydrogen, Andrea Rossi claims in his patent applications his e-cat is both a fission and fusion nuclear reactor, and now Andrea Rossi is claiming that his latest e-cat is operating at 600C in self-sustaining operation for over 40 days.

Andrea Rossi claims to have more than one Nobel winning cold fusion/LENR reactor in operation. 1 MW in size. These devices if real would change the world for all time. They would raise the living standards of billions of people. They would feed the hungry, water the deserts, warm the cold, and bring low cost energy to the world. A dog and pony show was given in public for one of these devices on October 28, 2011 for all to see, but verified and proved nothing. These devices are supposedly NOW currently FOR SALE.  But the new research center at the University of Missouri created to study LENR, where Mr. Duncan is administering a $5.5M grant – refused to buy one of Andrea Rossi’s 1 MW plants for research and study. In my first communications with Mr. Duncan this year he was not even aware Andrea Rossi had any e-cats for sale, of any size.

Many people are calling for testing of these 1 MW devices, and I find it interesting that if they were truly for sale as Andrea Rossi claims then why doesn’t 100 of the leading science institutions and universities all get together and buy one of these 1 MW plants and break it up into 100 individual 10 KW e-cats? Then each institution would only have to spend $150,000 of the retail price.  And if Andrea Rossi is out to save the world like he claims then he would let them have it for only $500,000 costing each institution only $5,000.  So why isn’t this being done?  Because Andrea Rossi is lying and he does not have anything for sale that works as he claims.

In a 180 degree spin from all known marketing and promotion of ground breaking inventions in all of the world’s recorded history Andrea Rossi refuses to advertize these things for sale in any form, anywhere. No TV spots, no magazine ads, no newspaper ads, no radio ads, no company press kits. Nothing, just total silence except from Andrea Rossi’s personnel internet blog. I bet there are many firms that would advertize and promote these for free, just for the publicity their firm would get, (if they were real, that is).

Andrea Rossi is actively seeking investors in his project based on false and misleading information.

If you want off his sinking ship it is easy to do – here’s how –

Just publish, for the whole world to see a letter to Andrea Rossi telling him that he must allow a true 3rd party independent test of one of his 10 KW e-cats which is the building block for his 1 MW e-cats that Andrea Rossi claims are FOR SALE right NOW as I write this letter.

The whole world must witness the integrity of this test and see the published results or you must tell Andrea Rossi you will publicly publish a statement removing your support from Andrea Rossi and his e-cat project because you feel Andrea Rossi has been misleading you with false statements and demonstrations. (or something to that effect)

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, we all do it. But it takes a real man to stand up and admit it, instead of just sticking their head in the sand hoping it all will just go away. May you gentleman have the guts to stand up and do the right thing before the whole world before it is to late is my hope.

Warm Regards,
Gary Wright
June 17, 2012


LENR Without Rossi

As proof of my statement that Andrea Rossi is doing damage even now to the whole LENR field, it is almost impossible to get people to think or talk about how we can create and sell real working commercial LENR devices without them talking about Andrea Rossi and his e-cat, or his spin off organization – Defkalion. And as long as people think those are the ones to make this happen they won’t go look for other ways to get real LENR commercial devices on the market.  The most common phrase I read about is, just wait, Andrea Rossi will have something soon. But people have been waiting for Andrea Rossi to produce something real since he started his blog 2 1/2 years ago.

Every person who makes comments like this is just hurting the cause to make LENR available soon, and is doing just what their Master Rossi wants.  Every month waiting for Andrea Rossi to produce anything is a month wasted in getting a real LENR project off the ground.  Andrea Rossi will never have anything to sell, or anything in the market until, someone else has created something Rossi can copy and duplicate, and then pass off as his own.

If you truly want a working LENR device in every home you must forget about Andrea Rossi and start talking about and helping some real project that is working hard to get LENR off the ground.

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For License Holders Only (or those thinking about investing in a Rossi e-cat farce license)

Part 1 – Prolog.
Part 2 – Rossi’s Multilevel Marketing Program.
Part 3 – Who is the legal owner of Rossi’s e-cat Patent and Patents Pending?
Part 4 – Did Andrea Rossi sign any of your documents? Did he have the authority? Are you sure?
Part 5 – Licensing – Is your e-cat license based on patents or technology?
Part 6 – Rossi has two (2) Leonardo Corporations. Which one is on your document?
Part 7 – Some legal conflicts have already started in Rossi’s e-cat farce, more to come.
Part 8 – Rossi’s many business partners.
Part 9 – Timelines and Tables.
Part 10 – Timeline and list of Andrea Rossi’s lies and false statements.
Part 11 – Miscellaneous stuff.


Before The Crash

Critics of Andrea Rossi are told:
You should not bash Rossi you should just let Rossi do his thing and let it run its course.  If Rossi has something we will all know about it soon enough.  If Rossi doesn’t have anything so what, where is the harm done?  Just let Rossi work in peace. You should stop putting Mr. Rossi down, just because he tried to make cold fusion and some money from everyone. Why can’t you just go beyond the Rossi falsehoods and look at LENR?  Why don’t you promote LENR and forget about Rossi? After all look at how much Rossi has contributed to the science of LENR. Look at how many doors he has opened for so many.

We will address these questions and more in this article.
Did you know that Rossi claims in his patent application that:
• Rossi can make a cold fusion reactor that uses copper powder not nickel powder?
• Rossi claims his invention actually provides a true nuclear cold fusion.
• Rossi claims his e-cat can transmute nickel into zinc, sulphur, chlorine, potassium, and   calcium, in addition to copper.
• Rossi e-cat invention not only is a fusion reactor but also a fission reactor.

It is our humble opinion that if Andrea Rossi actually believes all of the information he has put into his patent applications, papers, videos and on his blog then he is 100% certifiable.

Read the complete article in the “Before The Crash” tab above.
Better ask for your money back now before it is to late.


The 600 Degree Quantum E-cat

The very small is a very strange place. There, one particle can be in an infinite number of locations all at the same time.  A particle can jump through walls. One particle can travel two different paths and interfere with itself.  Most people think these qualities can only happen with one very small particle at a time.  But this is not true these qualities have been experimentally confirmed since 1909 in hundreds of experiments with atoms and even molecules.

This leads to the question of when and why the quantum qualities of matter stop and we see reality as we see it in the world of our senses.  We do not see others as being in many places at the same time, we do not walk through walls, etc.  The question is why not?  There is nothing in quantum theory itself that puts a limit on size.

This problem is also manifested in the fact that all of the forces of nature are still not embodied in one theory.  Roger Penrose thinks that gravity itself is what keeps macro size matter from displaying quantum effects.  And this is what leads us to Andrea Rossi and his e-cat.

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After the Crash






Let me tell you what I see.

Please don’t think I am the bad guy here, I’m not.  I don’t want anything that belongs to anyone else.  Whether technology, fame, money, or inventions.  Neither does the Open Source LENR Project. They also are not interested in anyone’s technology, patents, or money.  What we want is for the whole world to have safe, free or very low price energy, that is not tied to a massive grid. If you want to see where I stand go read what I have written here:  http://opensourcelenr.com

But the starry eyed children among us have closed their eyes to the stark reality concerning what is going to happen when the Rossi farce hits the rocks. Let me tell you what may happen if things do not take a sharp turn now.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself – who are the true enemies of cold fusion/LENR?  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why almost everyone who are the main players in fusion/LENR for the last 23 years are tied to large utility companies or the military/DOD/DOE and their universities? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why no real progress has been made in commercialization of cold fusion/LENR in the last 23 years?  And before you say anything I am fully aware of all the players, and companies involved in cold fusion/LENR since day one.  Also the many people involved in fraud in this field who have come and gone.  Rossi doesn’t count he has nothing and never has had anything.

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So the real questions we must be asking are these:

Can the ship Andrea Rossi is sailing ever hurt the whole LENR field?

Andrea Rossi
March 2nd, 2012 at 8:28 AM
Dear Hank Mills:
The snakes, their puppeteers belong to a self referenced worls and they are making a storm in a glass: outside the glass there is the ocean in which the E-Cats ship is gonna navigate.
Warm Regards,

Is it possible Andrea Rossi’s project will crash as some speculate?
And if it does, what impact will it have on all the people working in the LENR field?
But even more important, what would be the impact if Rossi’s project crashes – on the rest of the world?

Look at all of the negative publicity directed to the LENR field because of his project.
Granted, there has always been some rejection to cold fusion/LENR ever since 1989, but is Rossi’s project helping or hurting?

Rossi is the only person who is claiming to be selling working, commercial LENR devices.

I want my time, resources and energy to go into the Open Source LENR Project, but I also think the Rossi project needs to be addressed by the whole LENR community, before its to late.

What is going to happen to the scientific community when Rossi’s ship hits the rocks? What are they going to say then?
Wouldn’t it be the best for the whole scientific community if all of the scientists who have supported Rossi in the past get together now as a group and say to Rossi — Rossi do a real 3rd party independent test on one of your 10KW e-cats or we are going to make a public statement that we do not believe you have a device like you keep claiming and furthermore we believe it is highly possible that Andrea Rossi fooled us in the past to gain our support (or something to that effect).  A public statement like that would give all of those scientist back their credibility.
Are those scientists even aware what the world thinks of someone who supports Andrea Rossi after a detailed look at his life and everything he has said and done relating to his e-cat project?  They are being ridiculed much more now than they ever would by admitting Rossi may have fooled them.
None of the scientists that were a part of any of the prior demonstrations by Rossi have ever printed the fact that they had complete independent control of the demonstration, including the publishing of the results, the location of the test, the data collecting, the source of electricity, the testing equipment, the length of the demonstration, etc., etc.  And that they looked for all possible sources of hidden energy, including electrical, chemical, and nuclear, both inside and outside the device.  That all measurements were continuous throughout the demonstration.  That all measurements were impeccably done conforming to standard laboratory procedures.  That every bit of data relating to the demonstration from the start to finish was published for analysis by all.  In short no demonstration by Andrea Rossi has conformed to the most basic standards set worldwide for any published experiment.

All of the scientists who have supported Rossi in the past, still have the opportunity, to repair their credibility, if they admit that they may have been wrong in the past but now because of the Florida BRC report, the issue with National Instruments, Rossi’s many falsehoods, unrealistic escalating claims by Rossi, etc., they want Rossi to now allow a true independent 3rd party test, or he will lose their support. Or they will publish a public report distancing them from Andrea Rossi and his e-cat project.  Almost every scientist associated with Rossi has sometime in the past made the statement that Rossi needs to allow a true independent 3rd party test.  They all need to formally call for this test NOW.

The longer they wait, and if they don’t do this, the more they will have to lose, when the complete truth concerning the Rossi farce becomes known.  Why?

Because the question then becomes — were they willing partners of Rossi’s farce?

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, we all do it. But it takes a real man to stand up and admit it, instead of just sticking their head in the sand hoping it all just goes away.

If Rossi was only using his own money in his project as he originally claimed, that would be one thing.

But documentation exists that Rossi is taking money from investors to live his jet setting, world traveling, life style.


I was asked recently:
How did you get interested in this? Who are you?
I responded with this statement;

I don’t know how to answer these questions.
I am Gary Wright, I started  http://shutdownrossi.com/  because Rossi is making a mockery of some serious scientists trying to discover some new and exciting ways reality can be manifested, such as LENR.
I started The Open Source LENR Project as a Manhattan (remember WWII) type of project for LENR, because there is no structure to the current research programs and teams. http://opensourcelenr.com/
And last I am writing a book on Special Relativity.
In passing, my parents always told me that I am related to the Wright Brothers, but I have never researched that myself.  Hope this answers all of your questions.


The information these pages will provide:

  • Most people think Rossi’s first “sale” was on October 28, 2011.  Not so – Rossi was “selling” e-Cats in 2010.
  • Proof that Rossi’s claims of the operation and designs of the e-Cat are impossible.
  • The details of Rossi’s Thermoelectric farce.  It cost the American taxpayers at least about $3 million.  With Rossi’s company getting $900,000 for a few worthless pieces of metal.
  • Rossi knew that all of his patents/applications are worthless without the knowledge of how he was making the NI powder and the contents of the “secret catalyst.”
  • Two possible scenarios on what/why Rossi is doing what he is doing.  You won’t want to miss this part!
  • A complete analysis of Rossi’s Italian patent, US and EU patent applications, and his “science.”
  • The only thing I will accept as proof that Rossi has what he claims.  A true 3rd party independent test of a 10KW e-Cat, one of the modules in a 1MW e-Cat that Rossi currently has up for sell.
  • How we are going to attempt to invalidate Rossi’s worthless Italian patent.
  • How we are going to help anyone who reaches out to us, who has invested any money in Rossi’s project.
  • How you can help support this project without giving your name or any private information.
  • The information on these pages can also be useful as a starting point for someone to evaluate anyone’s claim that they have a commercial sized working LENR device for sell. Rossi is being singled out because Rossi is the only person making this claim at this time anywhere on planet Earth.
  • And more – stay tuned, as they say!

There are two blog tabs at the top of the page.  The “supporters blog” tab is for supporters of this website and what we are doing, you can leave your comments there, and the “critics blog” tab is where critics of this project and website can leave their comments.  Of course you are free to leave comments on either blog.  You don’t have to use your real name, but since it is anticipated comments might be strongly worded, every post will be screened by the blog admin.  No rules – other then personnel attacks will not be allowed, nor slanderous and libelous statements.

And just so everyone knows where Gary Wright is coming from and what Gary believes, here is a partial list:

  • That there is unlimited power available in the atom.
  • Unlimited clean, green, non-polluting, modular, and personnel energy for heating, cooling, electricity, fresh water, transportation, farming, industry,  space operations, etc.
  • That this power so far has been tamed for only military and corporate interests.
  • That low energy and low temperature, atomic and nuclear energy creating reactions are possible.
  • That the world has only seen the tip of the iceberg in our understanding of reality relating to things like the mind, mass, space, and time.
  • That if Rossi continues his farce till completion, he will do more damage to the LENR field then all other opposition since 1989.
  • That the world now has a truly open source project to tame the power in the atom for all people. It is the Open Source LENR Project.  See it here:  http://www.opensourcelenr.com/

It will take a while to get all of the pages populated with the relevant information, because I am only going to spend a little of my spare time on this project. So check back often for updated information.

Joy & Peace
Gary Wright
May 28, 2012

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